Apiary Fund Releases 99.99% Pure Silver 2018 Commemorative Coin

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The Apiary Fund Commemorative coin is a tribute to the traders who put in time, energy, and faith in their efforts to become funded traders.

OREM, Utah November 24, 2017

In the spirit of those American Dust Bowl survivors who were there to stay and had faith in the future, Apiary Fund announced the availability of its 2018 Silver Commemorative coin in tribute. The 99.99 percent pure silver coin is available Nov. 24th at a discounted price for Black Friday.

“The ‘dirty thirties’ were a dark period in U.S. history,” said Shawn Lucas, founder and head trader at the Apiary Fund. “Severe dust storms wreaked havoc on the ecology of the U.S. and Canadian prairies and decimated the agricultural industry compounding the effects of the Great Depression. In the end, it was a combination of willpower, stamina, pride, and optimism that enabled the good people of the plains to survive.”

The Apiary Fund Commemorative coin is a tribute to the traders who put in time, energy, and faith in their efforts to become funded traders.

Each commemorative coin has a design standing for a unique theme. The 2018 design includes wheat to show the collective labor, hard work and dedication it takes to become a funded trader. The design stands for the knowledge and experience available to all who seek it.

Suitable for collecting, trading and for physical metal investments, the coin is available on Black Friday; November 24, 2017. The price reflects market price, but will be discounted for a short time. Shipping and handling will be added to the cost.

The silver is extracted from Utah mines less than 50 miles from the Apiary home office and forged and minted by local craftsman. The silver ore is melted in 2,000 degree Fahrenheit ovens and cast and cut into blank silver rounds that are within 0.2 grams of a Troy ounce.

Each coin is machine stamped with the design, polished and inspected by the silversmith. Then each coin is placed in a sealed protective case for shipment.

“The coins represent a journey to bring education, experience and financial opportunities to those who are willing to rise from the financial droughts of their lives,” said Lucas.

In addition to its commemorative coins, Apiary Fund buys and sells in the metals spot market. As an institutional fund managed by thousands of traders around the world, Apiary employs the same hedging strategies and techniques it teaches its traders. Apiary traders use the purchasing power of the Apiary fund to get better pricing.

About Apiary Fund

Located in Orem, Utah, Apiary Fund is a private company that develops traders and gives people the opportunity to seek the freedom of flexible income by trading with our money. Through technology and education, we empower our traders to work toward their path to success. http://www.apiaryfund.com/