Minicast is about sharing audio sound bites in the moment

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Kieku is challenging the existing text-based instant communication media, such as Facebook and Twitter

Finnish independent media startup Kieku Labs is challenging the hegemony of existing text-based instant communication, such as Facebook and Twitter. Kieku is launching a brand new concept, the Minicast , which is about sharing audio sound bites in the moment as fun and interesting thoughts or moments occur. Whereas podcasts tend to be long, minicasts can be a maximum of 2 minutes long and are produced by a quick tap with your mobile phone.

These sound bites can be emotional, factual, musical or playful. They can be tied to a topic or time, and are powerful in a way text cannot be. Minicasts, like tiny podcasts, can be shared and liked by the listeners. Kieku believes that speech is the most personal and natural way of communication.

“Kieku wants to unify people everywhere by giving birth to more talking and listening. In other words, to encourage discussion. In today’s overflow of news and social media updates, nothing gets one to stop and listen like the sound of other people’s voices. Minicasts can be just a couple of minutes long, produced quickly using a smartphone – without effort and even on the go ”, says Sampsa Fabritius , co-founder and CEO of Kieku Labs.

Minicasting can also give influencers a new platform to find new followers. Listeners can follow minicasts in the car, while doing the dishes or while jogging. At the same time, the listener feels closer to the minicaster than compared to when reading some text.

Minicasts can also be picked up by the media to use as part of their own output. “Next up media outlets can start to use minicasters’ opinions, comments and quotes on tv, radio and online. The media will have an interface in Kieku, which enables journalists to download and utilize the minicasts in their own content production and channels. The use of minicasts will enrich media sources and and the stories coming out”, says Ninja Huhtamäki, Content Director at Kieku Labs.

Kieku offers the easiest way to listen to content that is selectively curated for your personal taste. By registering and pushing play, the unique AI engine begins to learn about your listening behavior and offers audio content that matches your interests. Kieku is available worldwide on, and as an iOS app currently in most of the European countries and the US.


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Kieku Media Page

Sampsa Fabritius, CEO and co-founder
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+358 400 474257