St. Thomas University student union elects 1st black president (Husoni Raymond)

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He said he hopes this inspires other international students to get involved politics, both at school and in the province.

He bought 200 buttons with “Husoni for President” on them and said they were gone almost immediately. Even students from the University of New Brunswick asked him for them, he said.

“I feel grateful for the students that helped me during the campaign,” he said.

Raymond’s campaign focused on innovation, improving the student experience, collaboration with campus groups and executives, and accountability.

Raymond noted the student union’s collaboration with the New Brunswick Student Alliance got health-care coverage for international students, which saves them $700 a year.

He said he will continue to advocate with the alliance for trauma-informed support services for all post-secondary students.

Raymond said the turnout for the student union elections was the best ever, at 41.1 per cent. (Nathalie Sturgeon/CBC)
He said he also hopes to help make better connections with the greater Fredericton community and listen to students who want to share their issues.

“I hope to make our campus a safe and inclusive environment but also a fun environment,” he said.

And Moncef Lakouas, the president of the New Brunswick Multicultural Council, predicted Raymond’s success will inspire others

The Moroccan-born Lakouas was a student union president himself at the University of Moncton from 2014 to 2015.

Raymond has always been interested in social justice and helping others. He worked for UNICEF in Jamaica. (Husoni Raymond/Submitted) He said international students who end up in positions where they can influence change are more likely to stay in the province and work here.

Lakouas said his only advice for Raymond is to listen to students, stay connected to the student body and stick to your values. No matter where they come from, everyone wants to make campus life better.