Vision Solar Announces New Solar Installation Program For Previously Unqualified Customers

United States, New Jersey – 05-09-2019 ( — 

Customers can now make use of $0 down financing by Vision Solar for installing solar energy in their home and enjoying great savings. More information on the cutting-edge program is available at


Customers can now make use of $0 down financing by Vision Solar for installing solar energy in their home and enjoying great savings. More information on the cutting-edge program is available at  


Pennsylvania-based renewable company, Vision Solar, has recently announced the launch of its $0 down financing option available to customers who wish to switch to solar energy in their homes. This innovative program utilizes available home equity by estimating what savings the customer will have on their electric bill when they install a solar system. Moreover, Vision Solar’s $0 down financing program uses a unique hybrid that gives customers the option to simultaneously draw equity for other home projects or renovations. This program is also available to those who did not qualify for solar financing in the past.


Mike Eden, CRO of Vision Solar, states, “Vision Solar’s cutting-edge financial program with $0 down utilizes customer’s available home equity while allowing them to also draw equity for other renovations at the same time. This program provides an opportunity to home-owners who could not qualify for solar financing in the past to enjoy great savings on their electric bills by switching to solar energy.”


Great Savings & Incentives

Installing a solar energy system by Vision Solar leads to nearly 30% savings on customers’ average monthly electric bills. This coupled by the company’s $0 down financing option makes it even more practical to switch to solar. However, the savings do not end here. Customers who make the move to solar have the following tax and financial incentives available to them.


1. Investment Tax Credit (ITC): Also known as the solar tax credit, the ITC allows customers to deduct 30% of the cost of their solar energy system installation from their federal taxes.


2. Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs): Residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania are entitled to the Renewable Portfolio Standard, under which customers can sell a percentage of the solar energy produced by their home solar system back to the utility company for SRECs, which can each be priced as high as $300.


3. Sales Tax Exemptions: Homeowners in New Jersey can enjoy 6.5% and those in Pennsylvania 8% savings on their solar installation thanks to state sales tax exemptions on solar panels.

4. Property Tax Exemptions: Some states, including New Jersey, offer homeowners savings on their property tax by not increasing their property tax bill despite the increase in property value due to solar system installation.


About Vision Solar Company

Based in Pennsylvania, Vision Solar is a full-service renewable energy company. As one of the fastest growing solar companies in the United States, Vision Solar is dedicated to using solar energy as a means of ensuring in-home wellness for its clients and protecting the environment. With a combined experience of 50 years, the company proudly serves the residents of Pennsylvania and New Jersey and provides commercial services nationwide. Vision Solar manages the entire process for its clients, from design through architecture, engineering, permitting, installation, and activation. For more information visit

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