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ArteZanos® Creates Unique Roofing System for the Environmentally Conscious

Born in Bogota, Colombia on July 21st, 1915, Jose Efrain Arguelles, became the youngest of the country’s first graduating Architects and the City of Bogota’s Chief Architect. The country would then go to him to seek advice on the construction of major structures; civic buildings, stadiums etc… as he was later to be named ‘Colombia’s National Architect.’ Hungry and passionate, Arguelles moved to the U.S. with his wife and three boys. In Florida, he registered as the first Latino architect in the nation. 

  MIAMI, FLORIDA - 05/30/2018 (PRDistribution.com)

One-hundred and three years old, Jose Efrain is likely the oldest practicing architect in the world. His drawings are still sketched by hand; a technique that has long been replaced by computer-generated drafting programs or as he calls them… lifeless drafts. Arguelles compares architecturally how anything handcrafted has a much more desirable and warmer feel than the hollow technical feel of a mass-produced product.

His latestdevelopment project in Homestead, Florida, is a Spanish Colonial Style residence designed with authentic traditional architecture: large-turned wood columns, hand-wrought iron, handmade terracotta floors, handmade clay brick, real coral stone window trim and finally to top it all off, a true two-piece handmade barrel roof-tile made by artisans from the 400-year-old town ofMompox in Colombia. Arguelles’ trademark is to only use handmade traditional materials. “I love traditional Mediterranean Architecture and vernacular styles because they can be designed to look ancient. If they look good the first day, every other day adds a newpatina,and just makes it look that much more natural; they age gracefully,”says Jose Efrain.

Even more unique to his project, is his use of sustainable clay barrel-tile with a patented Hybrid Roof specification; it will not only keep the roof cool and looking great for over 100 years, it increases performance and generates its own solar electricity and reusable energy.

“My Grandson, Daniel Efrain Arguelles, is a State Certified roofer, with a specialty in Historical Preservation. Daniel is the owner of 25-year-oldArteZanos®, a company that dedicates itself to the manufacturingof traditional handmade clay and solar roof panels.”

Arguelles’ grandsondesigned this aluminum pan product, which replaces the non-aesthetic pan tile with barrel tile. This eliminates 50% of the tilesused on any given job and that translates to a lighter roof load and reduces transport and loading costs as well. This hybrid roofing system is Class A - fire tested, ideal for seismic zones and is hurricane approved by Miami-DadeCounty. It can be partnered with any size tile and isapprovedforvery sensitive historical projects, which are heavily scrutinized. 

Without getting too technical, this lightweight technology is used by ArteZanos®to create a thin film of photovoltaic modules, without the use of the usual heavy glass that can weigh on a roof; they are light and are FSEC certified. The collection of energy that this roof provides will function also as a water heater for your home and/or your pool, dramatically lowering electric bills. Daniel Arguelles’motto is, “Reduce before you produce”. 

The increased thermal mass of a true barrel tile in combination with the airspaces provides lower energy consumption. Flush mounted to the roof, CIGS thin film PV Modules replace the use of traditional tile, which workwellin high-heat conditions and allows additional heat capture to transfer to the “invisible”ArteZanos®R.I.S.A. solar thermal system just beneath. The partnership between the two systems creates a much greater total solar output for much less. ArteZanos®hybrid is light weight, so it can be used to retro-fit asphalt shingle roofs. 

Because theArteZanos®Solar Roof can integrate multiple technologies within the same plane of a roof’s envelope, taxpayers may qualify for a 30% federal tax credit on the entire solar roof expense without cap limitation until December 31, 2019. 

Jose Efrain Arguelles says, “I’ve seen a lot of things in my life from horse drawn carriages, the first cars, planes, first man on the Moon and now serious preparation for manned Mars missions by Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX.” Musk’s latest buzz is about his Solar Roof launched summer 2017. This design uses a proprietary glass tile and only generates electricity; whereas theArteZanos®Hybrid Solar Roof has been tested, and installed in the field since 2010 integrating PV, Solar Thermal and Pool Heating all within the same roof… this is what makes it special in design. The Solar Thermal and Pool Heating are completelyhiddenwhere you do not see it at all. The PV is countersunk in respect to the roof tile installation. 

It’s important to note the solar panels lay within trays that in turn are easy to replace and do not penetrate the roof.Daniel Arguelles believes, “It does not make sense for a company such as Tesla to make a glass roof tile last 50 years just to have its own PV integrated glass tile fail after 30 years on the solar cell component. That istruly only a30-year roof.”Unique is the fact that theArteZanos®Hybrid System can be put together without fasteners using a very convenient high-performance foam adhesive called Storm Bond by DAP over a superior Sharkskin Two-Ply Roof Underlayment System consisting of Sharkskin Ultra® a high-tensile polypropylene coated woven anchor sheet and Sharkskin SA® a state of the art high-temp synthetic-butyl, high-tensile polypropylene self-adhered cap sheet. Sharkskin Roof Underlayments from Kirsch Building Products, are 50-Year Warranted roof underlayments. But will no doubt last over 100 years.

For thousands of years, traditional barrel tile in every configuration has remained a tried and true roof covering dating back to Neolithic China. As a matter of fact, clay barrel tiles frequently are documented to outlast the buildings they were originally laid upon and sometimes find themselves salvaged and transported atop another roof.In theState of Florida, the Building Code exempts antique Pre-Embargo Cuban and 18thCentury Spanish Barrel Tile from the strictures of the code,because they have “passed the test of time.”

Mr. Jose Efrain Arguelles says, “I find it incredible that I’ve lived to see the day that a traditional handmade roof tile can be merged aesthetically and affordably by combining multiple cutting edge solar technologies with minimal aesthetic impact. I have now lived to see it all!”

For more information onArteZanos®roofing products, call 305.595.4577.

About ArteZanos®

ArteZanos® is a third-generation family owned and operated business dedicated to the production of high-quality traditional handmade clay products & the development of innovative roofing products.
www.artezanoshybrid.com and www.artezanos.com

About Storm Bond Roof Tile Adhesive by Dap Products, Inc.

Storm Bond Roof Tile Adhesive is a single component, polyurethane adhesive designed to adhere clay and concrete roof tiles to the roof deck. Storm Bond comes in an easy to use 24 oz. aerosol can for small repair jobs and a 23 lb. cylinder for larger applications. Each 23 lb. cylinder comes complete with a reusable plastic applicator and the longest and most flexible hose in the industry.  It is Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code approved. Storm Bond Roof Tile Adhesive provides some of the highest wind uplift numbers in the category.

About Kirsch Building Products

Kirsch Building Products is focused on developing and marketing premium products that provide value and long-term solutions for the roofing industry. The company’s marketing efforts are focused on the pitched roofing markets, which consists primarily of concrete/clay, slate, metal and asphalt composition shingles. Today, Kirsch Building Product’s industry proven Sharkskin family of roof underlayments are distributed Nationwide.

The company can track its beginning with the development of products by its founder Mark C. Strait. The company was born out of the long-term experience and product research and development of Mark, who has studied the pitched roofing industry both in the USA and abroad. As a roofing contractor for over 26 years, Mark has witnessed, on a practical level, the failures of the current form of roofing felts, especially under tile roofing. Kirsch Building Products LLC focuses on providing premium roof underlayments and other roof accessories that provide features and benefits that promote the long-term success of the entire roof system.



Jose Efrain Arguelles 2018 Photo courtesy of Toño Dueñas


Second story Tile Integrated PV (T.I.P.V.) array in City of Miami Historic District. Photo courtesy of ArteZanos® 2014



Second story view “Invisible Solar Thermal” ArteZanos® Roof Integrated Solar Absorber (R.I.S.A.) tubing in City of Miami Historic District Courtesy of ArteZanos® 2014

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