11 years after Jay-Z Exposed, DeHaven’s New Documentary, Marcy Made Goes Deeper

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  United States - 09/30/2019 (PRDistribution.com)

With the enlightening information from Daniel Hernandez’s, known as Tekashi 6ix 9ine, testimony in court, where he’s providing information on other people, better known as ‘snitching’. Paperwork on ‘legendary snitch’ Dehaven Irby, has emerged completely discrediting Jay-Z’s claims on his track ‘No Hook’ on the American Gangster album, starring Denzel Washington, that DeHaven was a ‘snitch’.

Here are some statements and quotes surrounding DeHaven’s case:

“Howard Margulies, attorney for defendant Dehaven Jon Irby, said his client broke down in tears when Motz announced his decision. Irby had two previous drug felony convictions and faced a lengthy prison term if he had been convicted of the conspiracy charge, Margulies said.”


"There has to be some meaningful connection between the people involved," said Harvey Greenberg, who represented Hobbs, one of DeHaven’s co-defendants.

"There comes a point where I have a job to do, and I have done it," Motz said, after granting the defense motion for acquittal. "The case is over."

"I don't see any center whatsoever in this case," he said. "There has to be some kind of coherence or there is absolutely no limit on conspiracy law."

Information on Dehaven’s federal kingpin case in Maryland was uncovered from The Baltimore Sun by Eric Siegel.* Discrediting Jay-Z’s claims that DeHaven provided information to the Federal Government to reduce his sentence, which could also lead to a defamation suit against the billionaire rapper. Siegel explained how the court failed to provide connecting evidence, and DeHaven was acquitted.

DeHaven and Jay-Z’s friendship lasted for decades, from selling newspapers to selling cocaine. DeHaven’s ‘Exposed’ video which went viral in 2008 on Youtube, exhibited anger and rage because Jay-Z left DeHaven to rot in jail without an explanation.

In his new documentary, Marcy Made, he answers some decades old questions about him and the billionaire rapper, and perhaps why someone he regarded as a little brother, would mark his life for death by calling him a snitch on a record produced by Diddy in 2007. 

Marcy Made will be on released on various streaming platforms.





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