19-Year-Old American Business Owner in Romania Asks: "Can We Make Programmers Obsolete?"

2019-10-03 12:06:06 - United States, California, Anaheim - (PR Distribution™)

Hartmann Industries, LLC., operating across The United States of America and the European Union, is revolutionizing how companies approach automation with their new product EUROPA: ERP Universal Operating Application – and it’s all run by a 19-year-old American. 

Hartmann Industries, LLC. was founded in 2017 by then 18-year-old Jacob Hartmann, a New Jersey native who started programming at age seven. They focus on comprehensive process automation for American organizations seeking to reduce IT and payroll expenses. All of this is accomplished using a team of engineers and administrative staff located in Romania, where Jacob moved in 2017 to streamline his business operations.

Speaking about his experience, Jacob notes that, “when a company reads that someone has “20+ years of experience” it makes them feel warm and tingly because that’s what is familiar, versus a 19-year-old walking into their office with a MacBook and working a bit differently.” He further noted, “the thing about my industry is that it is changing constantly. Someone in my position is in a really unique situation of growing up in the informational era, meaning they can keep up more easily with what’s on the bleeding edge.” 

Their central offering is EUROPA, a cloud-based, no-code ERP development platform that promotes complete automation. Jacob notes: “by removing programmers and system architects from the equation and providing an easy to use web interface, we let businesses develop their own databases and complex industry software in real-time for a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise development, all without writing a single line of code.” The goal is to give businesses more freedom and convenience, and to ensure that every kind of business owner can automate their processes in the most efficient way without breaking the bank. Right now, business owners who aren’t as tech-savvy are limited in what they can implement without investing millions in third-party engineers and consultants. Regarding this, Jacob notes, “our goal with EUROPA is for a new business to sign up and have everything they need to begin operating, instantly.”

Hartmann Industries, LLC. hires all of their staff remotely, and have no central office. About their employment model, Jacob notes: “this employment model is important in an age where the market is crowded with developers”, and even in Romania, “companies here will begin to realize that they need to provide amazing benefits to keep their employees, which includes more remote work possibilities.” 

Since 2017, Hartmann Industries, LLC. has been offering a variety of business-related solutions. Their goal is to create an integrated system of software and services that can allow businesses to deal with all of their needs, from business automation to financial management. All of their services focus on easy-to-use intuitive design and powerful features and flexibility. The central aim of their products is to make advanced business management options available to everyone, regardless of their background and technical abilities.

For more information, please contact +1 (732) 831-7269, email [email protected], or visit the Hartmann Industries, LLC. website at https://hartmannindustries.com.

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