2020 ThreeBestRated® Award-winning Ontario Real Estate Lawyers share their journey!

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The whole process of buying a property can be a little complex and hard to follow. While Realtors® can assist you in finding your dream house, most agents cannot recognize how certain legal statements in the contract can affect you directly or indirectly. 

That's why we need a Real Estate Lawyer to close the transaction. They document and review real estate transactions. And when there is an issue in a real estate transaction, Real Estate Lawyers step in to file and defend lawsuits in the court.

Being a Real Estate Lawyer is a big responsibility. They are trusted by the clients to help them make one of the most important decisions of their life. So, what is it like to be a Real Estate Lawyer?

Three Best Rated® Award-winning Real Estate Lawyers, John Zinati and Mohammed Ahad Baig from Rathore Baig Law Professional Corporation share their journey and give advice to first-time homebuyers.

John Zinati:

With over 24 years of experience, John Zinati is one of the Top-rated Real Estate Lawyers in Toronto, ON. Together with his team, John has closed over 20,000 transactions. And not a single claim has been made in any of the property they closed. 

"This is an enviable record, and we are proud that we deliver the essence of what a Real estate lawyers supposed to deliver - good, clear, and marketable title without headaches to the new buyer, or simply clear funds to the seller," John explains. 

When asked about his journey, John commented, "Our journey started right out of law school, practising nothing else, I learned every step of the real estate process from the ground up in a hands-on way."

He closed his own transactions for a long time. This experience gave him a fundamental understanding of all the steps involved in a real estate closing and taught him how to understand and deal with the issues that can arise.

As a firm, they focused on being diligent, careful, understanding, respectful, appreciative, and helpful to their client. So, more people were excited to work with them. 

"We work with hundreds of agents, thousands of clients, mortgage brokers, lenders, borrowers, and every participant in this industry. We also grew as the real estate market grew and watch Toronto turn into the city that it is today," John explains.

Zinati Kay Barristers & Solicitors is one of the first Firms to offer fixed total closing costs on transactions. "We very quickly realized that clients don’t like uncertainty as to the total costs and found a way to have a fixed price that would work for all clients regardless of our cost on the deal," he says. Many firms later followed their idea of having a fixed price, and John says he is proud of it. 

John's advice to first-time homebuyers:

"Buying a home is exciting, and it is easy to get passionate about it, as you should. But it is too easy to make a mistake when you are excited. So, I would advise that you get the help of good professionals. An agent who cares, lawyer who is available and experienced, and all the other vendors along the way such as movers, inspectors, etc. The quality of the people you surround your self with as you go through this process will determine how happy you are in the end," he advises. 

Rathore Baig Law Professional Corporation:

Started off as Real Estate Agents, Ricky Rathore and Mohammed Ahad Baig entered the legal profession in 2016. Their firm, "Rathore Baig Law Professional Corporation," has been operating since March 2016.

"During our time in the industry, as real estate agents, we noticed a disconnect between Realtors®, lawyers, and clients," says Mohammed. Ricky and Mohammed decided to use their background as Agents in an attempt to close the disconnect and provide unparalleled services in Real Estate Law.

Ricky Rathore presently owns and operates RE/MAX Empire Realty Brokerage. So, they are constantly connected and in tune with the dynamic marketplace and the changing consumer wants and needs. This is what earned them a place in Three Best Rated® as one of the top-rated Real Estate Lawyers in Markham, Ontario.

In the past five years, they have grown as one of the most popular Real Estate firms and have closed over 1500 deals.

Mohammed flashes us a small smile when asked about his journey, "Ricky and I met in law school. My father always used to tell me that you only know a person when you have dealt with them in three things," he says, "Living with them, travelling with them, or dealing with them in money. I did all three things with Ricky during our time in law school and realized the character of the person he was. We form an extremely tight-knit partnership and balance each other’s personalities, flaws and strengths. We both bring something to this team that allows us to take every endeavour we partake into the next level."

They started from the bottom, built two amazing brokerages before opening up a law office designed to elevate the customer experience. They are constantly looking for a 'pinch' point with clients and are always looking to create a seamless client-centric transaction.

"It has been a lot of hard work," he says, "working while studying for a vision that we could always see but is slowly becoming a reality with each passing day. We still have a long way to go, but we are always learning from our mistakes and striving to be better people while working smarter."

When to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

Mohammed says the earlier you hire a lawyer, the better. "A lot of clients come to real estate lawyers after the deal is firm when they can no longer help them with the review of the contract," he says. 

There are a lot of very weak contracts that can leave the clients open to potential liability and losses. Having a real estate lawyer in your professional arsenal ensures that your rights and interests are protected. 

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