25,000 Now Working from Home With Voquent

2022-10-12 19:00:00 - London, United Kingdom - (PR Distribution™)

People worldwide are using just their voices to work for all kinds of businesses, from their closets, spare bedrooms or garden sheds.

UK-based voiceover website Voquent.com announced today that it surpassed 25,000 active voices on the platform, many of which started their careers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Their website states that working as a professional voice actor or narrator doesn't require any previous acting or performing experience. However, a home studio and professionally recorded audio samples - voice clips - are necessary to land jobs. 

"Some work part-time to supplement their earnings, others work full-time taking home 6-figure incomes, all from their home," said Voquent CEO Miles Chicoine. "It's completely free to join Voquent. However, anyone interested in entering the industry should ideally seek vocal training and invest in professional recording equipment. You can set up a home studio for less than $500, and our website has plenty of advice and guidance for new voices. A quality microphone, pre-amp, and some acoustic treatment don't have to cost the earth."

Recently nominated by The Manifest as the UK's top voiceover company, Voquent's search technology enables casting directors, educators, and advertisers to source voices for their projects quickly. Users can browse over 85,000 pre-approved voice demos in 600+ languages and hire talent online. The Voquent engineering team then coordinate the productions on behalf of the client.

Celebrities, actors, and broadcasters dominated the voiceover industry in the late 20th century. However, in the last decade, the lower cost of computer and recording equipment and better broadband speeds have made it accessible to anyone with a marketable voice. 

Despite the economic uncertainties, the video and film production markets continue to grow exponentially, with 93% of brands citing social media videos as an essential part of their strategy. Voiceover is, therefore, an intrinsic part of many businesses' promos, product explainers, and training programs.

For more information about becoming a work-from-home voice actor or narrator, please visit the Voquent.com website or contact their talent management team: voices@voquent.com. 

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