BOTTLECAPPS Liquor Store App Company Rolls Out a Robust Portfolio of Supports to Help Retailers Compete

12/27/2018 14:00 - IRVING, TEXAS - (PR Distribution™)

New Products to Help Liquor Stores Be Competitive. 

BOTTLECAPPS, the fastest growing liquor industry app producer in the U.S., has rolled out a new comprehensive portfolio of products and services tailored to support and connect the retail liquor store industry and their customers. BOTTLECAPPS allows liquor store customers to order beer, wine or liquor through a store-branded app. And where permitted, customers can pay for their purchases through the app or at the store and even get their purchases delivered. 

Dr. Prashant Desai, BOTTLECAPPS executive chairman and CEO said, “We’ve created a robust platform that brings several different integrated solutions to the market to help liquor store owners be more competitive by connecting with customers digitally and in the stores.”

The new portfolio of products includes BOTTLE Service, a monthly marketing program that is designed to promote, educate and transform a store’s business. BOTTLE Service provides store support and promotional material to be prominently displayed in the stores to encourage customers to download the app and take advantage of its offers.

Another exciting product, BOTTLE Vision, augments the store’s success with in-store digital signage that showcases their events, specials and even advertisements. 

BOTTLECAPPS also offers store owners a website service and BC Admin, which allows the owner to daily view sales figures by type of product and basket size, buying trends and product preferences that ultimately show store owners how to best stock and price their items.

Having both design and technical experts on staff, as well as having an expertise in beverage store marketing, BOTTLECAPPS also provides website design and build services. 

“Our BOTTLECAPPS app, which is branded for the store with their name and logo, is so important in the current retail liquor store environment,” said Desai. “Stores operate in a very competitive market and need the advantages that our app, and our portfolio of products, brings.” 

The store-branded BOTTLECAPPS app can support stand-alone as well as multi-store environments and is available for both iOS (Apple) and Android phones. 

“We’ve been very deliberate in the way we have engineered all of these components to work together—to provide storeowners very scalable solutions that allow them to grow and expand,” said Mitch Patel, BOTTLECAPPS’ CIO. “We’re here not just to provide technical solutions, but to help store owners build long-term relationships with their customers that foster a store’s success.”  

“We’re seeing a quantifiable shift from old sales approaches to these newer methods,” added Patel. “A store can now promote tastings, reviews, announce other special events or products and even send notifications to their customers.”

A recent survey of BOTTLECAPPS users indicated that nearly 90 percent want to browse the store’s inventory on their phone, nearly 78 percent are looking for sales or specials on beer, wine or liquor, and close to 70 percent of the respondents want more information delivered to them through the app.

“Customers want to be kept in the loop. This survey tells us that storeowners have a tremendous opportunity that they have never had before, to personally reach a customer once they’ve left the store,” said Patel. “The data and digital customer-connection that we provide is vital to their success in the market place.”



Based in Irving, Texas, BOTTLECAPPS is a rapidly growing cloud-based smartphone application company that builds branded liquor store apps for iOS and Android platforms. With today’s exploding mobile commerce market, BOTTLECAPPS allows liquor store owners and operators to sell their products effortlessly, while providing consumers with the ability to purchase beer, wine and spirits from their favorite liquor establishments, anytime, anywhere. Nearly 300 liquor stores in 37 states are successfully using BOTTLECAPPS solutions that range from the app to web console, CRM, digital intelligence and loyalty programs. For more information about BOTTLECAPPS, recently selected as one of the 2019 Best Tech Start Ups by Tech Tribune, visithttp://www.bottlecapps.com. (TEXT “BC” TO 94253 TO DOWNLOAD A DEMO VERSION OF THE BOTTLECAPPSAPP.)Also, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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