BOTTLECAPPS Store-Branded App Helps Liquor Store Grow Sales by $5,000 in One Month.

01/24/2019 14:00 - IRVING, TEXAS - (PR Distribution™)

Online ordering feature helps smaller liquor stores compete with the larger chainss.

Just three months after an independent Houston liquor store launched its store-branded app its revenue increased by nearly $5,000. “And that result was based on just 44 orders in one month’s time. The resulting average basket was $105.99 vs. the industry average of only $42.00—that’s an increase of more than 150%”, said Corey Gerstner, BOTTLECAPPS’ Sr. Director of Marketing and Client Services. This increase came through the apps online ordering feature.

“At this particular store, they were also able to realize nearly $400.00 in tips and another $210.00 in delivery fees. Imagine what that means in retaining great staff and providing superior service to your customers. Of course, not every store can deliver, but for those that can, this is an additional incredible windfall.”

The increased revenue has continued, up more than $21,000 over a six-month period, with 204 online orders. This revenue will continue to grow as the number of customers using the app and placing orders increases.

“This store, through their branded app, has made shopping more convenient for the customer and, as a result, the customer is becoming loyal. A recent survey showed that 36% of the customers that have downloaded the app shop this store more often than prior to the download,” stated Dr. Prashant Desai, BOTTLECAPPS CEO. “After experiencing success at the first location this store owner is now planning to launch the app at a second location.”

“Our BOTTLECAPPS app is so important in the current retail liquor store environment,” said Desai. “Stores operate in a very competitive market and need the advantages that our app brings. Without BOTTLECAPPS most independent stores would never be able to afford their own app with online ordering capabilities.”

“Stores see us as a partner that is helping grow and redefine their business,” he added. “Increased basket sizes, additional revenue from delivery fees, and recognition from the customers that the store offerings are now more convenient for them, all add up to a bright future for this store and for all the 299 stores that have partnered with BOTTLECAPPS for their store branded app.”



Based in Irving, Texas, BOTTLECAPPS is a rapidly growing cloud-based smartphone application company that builds branded liquor store apps FOR iOS and Android platforms. With today’s exploding mobile commerce market, BOTTLECAPPS allows liquor store owners and operators to sell their products effortlessly, while providing consumers with the ability to purchase beer, wine and spirits from their favorite liquor establishments, anytime, anywhere. Nearly 300 liquor stores in 38 states are successfully using BOTTLECAPPS solutions that range from the app to web console, CRM, digital intelligence and loyalty programs. For more information about BOTTLECAPPS, recently selected as one of the 2019 Best Tech Start Ups by Tech Tribune, visit http://www.bottlecapps.com. (TEXT “BC” TO 94253 TO DOWNLOAD A DEMO VERSION OF THE BOTTLECAPPSAPP.) Also, follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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