A. Donahue Baker Announces Official YouTube Channel

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - United States, New Jersey, Iselin - (PR Distribution™)

The real estate developer, author, and speaker announces his official YouTube channel named A. Donahue Baker.


A. Donahue Baker (https://adonahuebaker.com) is excited to announce the availability of his official YouTube channel. The real estate developer is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a former Grammy nominated music producer. A. Donahue Baker’s personal portfolio consists of over 500 units of residential/commercial properties nationwide. YouTube is an excellent creative outlet because videos are typically more engaging than text. Being in front of the camera allows A. Donahue Baker to establish strong, personal connections with his audience and potentially solve problems via good content.

A. Donahue Baker will use the YouTube channel as a platform to facilitate educational videos and event recaps, among others. Visitors, fans, and existing clients can get more of an insight into A. Donahue Baker with ease. Some of the main playlists include Real Estate Funding, Meetings with Don, Apartment Acquisition Academy, A.Donahue Keynote Speeches, Real Estate for Millennials, and the latest #COVID19Advice. Overall, the YouTube channel serves as an extension of A. Donahue Baker’s passion and expertise for social media, real estate, and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs.

You can subscribe to the A. Donahue Baker channel here

A. Donahue Baker has been in business for over a decade. In addition to being a CPA, speaker, and author, Donahue has achieved a solid track record of delivering value in a clear and precise manner. He is able to connect with laymen and professionals alike. In order to help minority individuals and communities create wealth and gain access to capital, he has recently co-founded an angel syndicate and venture capitalist fund that is worth $10 million. The fund invests in entrepreneurs who are seeking startup capital or need help with expanding their businesses. In addition, the fund provides the platform individuals need to invest in real estate and build wealth. 


About A. Donahue Baker

A. Donahue Baker is a co-founder of Money Avenue, LLC and Passive Planet. The first company is a fintech bank that specializes in providing wealth management solutions for the masses. Donahue works with partners to create millionaires through generational wealth creating opportunities, tax strategies, and creative financing techniques. The second company aims to bring passive houses to the state of New Jersey. As an environmental and passive house pioneer, A. Donahue Baker envisions a future when energy efficient housing is available to everyone. He plans to hone the business model so that it can scale production nationwide.

With an unwavering commitment to creating more minority real estate developers across the United States, A. Donahue Baker freely exchanges information and lends his expertise to seasoned and aspiring developers who are looking for debt or equity partners. 

A. Donahue Baker has recently published a new book: Generational Wealth That's The Key. It is perfect for individuals who need a reference or blueprint to create generational wealth for themselves and their loved ones. The book showcases a new and refreshing perspective building wealth and managing it.

For more information, A. Donahue Baker can be contacted at (201) 740-2865.

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