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Nearly half the world’s population is at risk of Malaria and most of the burden is in Sub-Saharan Africa. Gains in Malaria control achieved over the past decade are threatened by the emergence and spread of resistance to the existing insecticides, posing significant risk to the global community. World Malaria rates have been steadily declining for over a decade; however, it began to plateau for a few years and shows an alarming rise in the last 3 consecutive years. Scientists warn that this could lead to a tipping point where the current methodologies in controlling mosquitoes would not work and the malaria cases could rapidly multiply. This is where Landcent Group has committed to take the challenge head-on. Their specialization in development and manufacturing of innovative, safe, efficient and affordable Malaria prevention products make it all the more possible. Their vision is centered on ‘Creating A Malaria-free World’ and it is towards this they have laid their focus since their inception in 2011. 




Landcent has developed dominant Malaria prevention products over the past decade which has surpassed industry standards. Here is a quick look at their milestone achievements:



Innovation Driven Team

Highly skilled and diverse, Landcent’s team spread across 3 continents is not just equipped with exquisite leadership, but also has immense knowledge of the devastating effects of this dreadful, yet preventable disease. Close to a decade into their mission, they contributed to extraordinary progress towards the collaborative Malaria elimination goal by developing novel formulations that address the need in the burdened countries. Currently, Landcent is in a phase of entering into field trials in coordination with WHO and are galvanizing action on this journey of creating a ‘Malaria-free’ world. Their Malaria elimination efforts also contribute towards building a resilient and robust healthcare system in a few of the most impoverished parts of the world.


Well-Visualized Objectives

For Landcent, investing in Malaria control is beyond any mere investment. It has become a level of highly devoted commitment towards the precious lives of people, economies and nations. Their well-visualized objectives revolve around incessant work in creating strong tools in the battle against this disease, in-line with the World Health Organization's Malaria elimination goals. Besides their persistent efforts toward eventually eradicating this killer disease and embracing multiple approaches, they are also strongly positioned to take a giant leap ahead. 


Join the Journey

Life is priceless, more so a healthy one! Protecting and preserving it is a noble cause - This is Landcent’s driving factor. Together, everyone can help make a difference and now is the time to act and eliminate malaria once and for all. 

To know more about Landcent’s work, visit their website at  https://landcent.nl/ and connect to be a participant in the ‘Malaria Elimination Journey’ together. You can also follow them on

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