A new shipping route from EU to the UK

2019-04-03 12:51:00 - United Kingdom - (PR Distribution™)

The NHS and DHL have set up an alternative shipping route from the EU to the UK, in case of a hard Brexit. It involves resilient transport services to ensure reliable deliveries of medical supplies to hospitals and other health institutions in the UK. MIXMOVE, a logistics platform startup, will be used to connect the different operations.

The UK has been preparing for a potential no deal Brexit. Even after the date they were officially supposed to leave the EU, they are no closer to finding a solution. Actions need to be taken to secure the flow of goods across the border from the EU in case of a no deal Brexit. Among the companies who are preparing for a no deal outcome, is the National Health Service. The NHS provides a wide range of health services in the UK, and it is vital that they have access to certain medicines and medical equipment. In the case of a no deal scenario, freight traffic may experience long delays due to increased border controls. These delays can prevent essential medicines from getting to their destination on time.

The NHS has established a logistics hub in Belgium to minimise the risk of significant delays of medical supplies. DHL will operate this new shipping route. In the hub, the MIXMOVE software will be used to connect all suppliers to the expressway. The software will register pick-up of products and follows the movements to the Belgian hub. From there it manages and monitors the bundling of products from multiple suppliers. The software also ensures full utilisation of all transportation resources (trucks, containers, airplanes). 

MIXMOVE enables monitoring of all movements of the cargo from origin to destination, providing complete visibility for the suppliers and NHS. Only one week after receiving the order from NHS, MIXMOVE completed the initial implementation. Over 100 suppliers have already started to connect to the system and have registered both company and products. This whole operation will make vital deliveries more predictable and provide control at all times.

MIXMOVE has been used to manage cargo for 3M since 2012, enabling the company to reduce costs by 35% and emissions by 50%. The key is improving the load factor in logistics units. MIXMOVE is a flexible, modular an independent logistics platform. It allows shippers and logistics service providers to employ smart automation and have access to technology that reinvents and streamlines shipping. 

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