A slew of violence erupted as National Trump Day Rallies were held across the US this weekend - 1 Freedom Movement USA leader rushed to hospital with multiple injuries

2020-03-09 12:04:22 - United States, Illinois, Joliet - (PR Distribution™)

A slew of violence erupted as National Trump Day Rallies were held across the US this weekend. Freedom Movement USA held rallies from California to Pennsylvania and across the US and there were over 29 in Illinois alone. Late Saturday in Bolingbrook Illinois a group of rally goers were threatened, spit on and later received threatening messages from community members.

Kelly Harris the wife of Freedom Movement USA’s Executive Chairman Brandon Harris was spit on and called names like “Fat B----” and more. Then Sunday at a Trump rally held in Joliet on Larkin Ave a truck nearly went over a curb on Larkin and Jefferson nearly harming a child aged 7 and numerous rally-goers. This lead to Christopher Hicks Freedom Movement USA’s southern Illinois chairman being viciously attacked in Sawyerville Illinois by two local democrats resulting in an emergency rush to the hospital for stitches and 2 arrests.

Freedom Movement USA leader 33, Christopher Hicks stated while waiting for stitches this evening “ I was simply speaking to a neighbor about an upcoming election, 2 others began getting negative and then took a cheap shot at me”. Hicks attackers. Dennis Pereira 47 took a cheap shot at Hicks punching him in the mouth when his brother Doug Pereira, 39 slammed Hicks to the ground resulting in an emergency rush to the hospital. Hicks is in stable condition and will be released from the hospital after receiving medical care!

Harris the Executive Chairman stated when asked his feelings on the slew of violence “ Americans are being brainwashed by politicians and Hollywood and it is time they are held accountable. We are calling on Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders to put an end to their calls for violence on President Trump and his supporters”.


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