A Sophisticated Threat Intelligence System Is The Best Defense Against Cyberattacks

2019-11-05 12:57:23 - LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA - (PR Distribution™)

Best-in-class threat intelligence solutions aggregate data from devices around the world and evaluate it using data analytics, machine learning, and human research. The result is actionable intelligence that organizations can leverage to increase the effectiveness of their security tools. It closes security gaps and helps IT teams respond more quickly and effectively to cyberattacks.

Most security tools are designed to detect and defend against specific types of cyberattacks. These tools are useful for combatting known threats. But as Gartner noted in a recent report, “leading indicators of risk to an organization are difficult to identify when the organization’s adversaries, including their thoughts, capabilities, and actions, are unknown.” That’s why advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day exploits are so hard to detect using traditional security tools. Typically, however, there are clues. The challenge lies in uncovering those clues and using them to predict how and when a cyberattack might take place.

Threat intelligence isn’t raw, unfiltered data but information that has been evaluated in the proper context. It is accurate, current, and actionable, enabling security teams to respond to threats quickly and effectively.

According to a recent report from Technavio, the global threat intelligence market should see a compound annual growth rate of more than 19% through 2022. Demand for threat intelligence solutions is being driven by increasing numbers of cyberattacks and the diversity and volume of threat data. The volume and complexity of threat intelligence data is also a problem for 69 percent of organizations. In addition, 64% of organizations are struggling to integrate threat intelligence with other security tools. 52% say threat analysis is not aligned with operational security processes.

Those challenges should not dissuade organizations from adopting threat intelligence solutions. Threat intelligence, when implemented correctly, provides greater visibility of attacks in context and improves accuracy and speed in detecting and responding to attacks. It also enables organizations to fine-tune their security policies and strategies to address evolving threats. Sufficient threat intelligence begins with comprehensive data collection.

There are many security solutions on the market that can identify known cyberattack signatures. However, APTs, zero-day exploits, and sophisticated malware don’t offer many clues to their existence. Organizations need to collect and analyze from logs, system reports, security feeds, alerts, and other internal and external sources to detect today’s threats.


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