A United Family: The Healing Process at Elevations RTC described

2021-01-23 13:18:38 - Salt Lake City, Utah - (PR Distribution™)

An important focal point for Elevations RTC, a residential treatment center in Salt Lake City, is focusing on helping the entire family heal. Catering to troubled teenagers means searching for long-term solutions. Fighting alone is an intimidating experience, and ultimately leads to failure more often than not.

Including families in the journey makes a lot of sense, as they are usually a teenager‘s biggest cheerleaders. Elevations offers every opportunity to make this a reality for families to feel confident. A confident family is much more easy-going with a residential treatment center solution than anyone trying too hard to make things work.

In-Person Visits

There are a few opportunities for family members to visit Elevations RTC throughout the year. In fact, the first opportunity comes before a student even enrolls, as orientation is offered in-person every year. This is a great opportunity for parents to take a chance to look at the campus itself, and students get an idea of what they should expect.

If the orientation is impossible to make, there are ways to schedule visits during the year. There are seminars held a few times each year that last for two days, and it brings parents to the campus to spend time with their teenager. There are several bonding opportunities during this process, which is a great way to gauge progress.

Finally, there is the opportunity to schedule a visit to the campus at any time. Scheduling with a good amount of time beforehand ensures parents get the opportunity to come when they want. It is usually fairly easy to work a parent in with a visit, but certain days are too busy for that to happen. 

Connecting From Anywhere

The reputation of Elevations RTC as a premier residential treatment center helps to bring people in from all over the country. Finding the best treatment possible is important, but it makes staying connected a bit more challenging.

Modern technology helps families stay connected virtually in a few different capacities. Online family therapy is one of the highlights, as each week there is an opportunity for families to join a group video chat. It acts as an open forum in a lot of ways, allowing families to voice opinions, ask questions, and bring up any concerns. Sometimes, the best person to talk to is another parent struggling with similar issues.

For a more informative weekly online chat, guests join from time to time to provide specific insight. Whether it is an expert in a particular medical field, former students, or another staff member providing detailed information on what they do, it helps parents understand what is going on.

Simple Updates

For quicker updates and help with staying informed, there’s always a direct line to contact any Elevations RTC Staff member. This comes in handy for parents worried about a particular subject, or if there is a medical issue that needs attention. Whether it is through email, a quick phone call, or anything else, short conversations can still be very supportive.

A lot of competing residential treatment centers only offer routine updates and support. There is a lot more customization to each family at Elevations, which helps when working with different schedules thousands of miles away. Having people who can relate, even if they live in an entirely different part of the country, makes it easier.

Proven Track Record

Elevations RTC has a successful track record that so many others covet. There is nothing worse than sending a child off to a residential treatment center that is newly formed. Even if it does come at an affordable price, there is constant anxiety to make the right decision. Sometimes, students come back home from lackluster residential treatment centers with no improvement whatsoever, making the investment a waste.

Elevations RTC: A Second Family

Elevations RTC's goal is to create an environment where students think of their time in Utah as extremely positive. Growing academically, socially, and emotionally means the staff at Elevations RTC School turn into a second family.

It takes time to ease into any program, but sticking with proven methods is part of the process. Once students settle in, families are at ease when receiving new updates from Elevations RTC.

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