Abolish College Tuition Fund Universities From the Sale of Legalized Marijuana, says Washington State Republican Senate Candidate

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  KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON - 03/06/2018 (PRDistribution.com)

Matthew D. Heines of Washington State is running for the US Senate in Washington State’s First Congressional District. Matthew Heines, who calls himself a “New Republican,” announced his stands on particular issues such as the future of Millennials, the reality of US politics, immigration and legalizing marijuana nationwide to offset the cost of tuition for students attending public universities and colleges. He did so in a series of videos published on YouTube. US Senate Candidate US Senate Candidate Matthew D. Heines said, “I will use the media as President Trump uses Twitter. I can get away with using YouTube to communicate with voters because I’m better looking than the President,” insisted the teacher and author of five books.

“It’s time for America to grow up,” Heines said in a written statement. “The young people of this generation are the first that have to face the horrible reality of decades of irresponsible leadership. Our politicians were and are being paid off by multinational corporations to slowly erode our rights and reduce us all to the same system of debt peonage inflicted upon freed African slaves in the Caribbean and the US after abolition. Because of the ballooning deficit and the need to shrink the dollar, the young people today will have to borrow all their lives just to have the things guaranteed by The New Deal or the Fair Deal. These young people will never see a day they are not in debt.”

“Meanwhile greedy multinational corporations are flooding our country with people who paid little for their schooling, why? Because not having a credit history and a job, banks can put them into debt, while American students who can’t pay their loans are not hired because they have bad credit and can’t take on more debt. At the same time, the government passes racist laws to ensure illegals and recently imported populations are hired before Americans, while millions of African Americans and thousands of veterans are either homeless or living below the poverty line, financially blacklisted and unable to improve their situation. Now some states are going to start putting our students and scholars in jail for debt.”

“Not on my watch.”

“We are going to fix the problem with corporations and imported labor. We wasted billions of dollars on a racist war on drugs and we are going to stop funding it. By legalizing marijuana, we not only put criminals out of work, we are going to offset the costs of the educations of the people upon whom our future depends and guarantee a revenue stream for the US Government that will only be spent on education, and that by legislative act.”

“It’s time we threw off the shackles of immaturity and hypocrisy that dominate all of our discussions. We need to stop listening to professional BS artists and the riff raff of society and start listening to each other. To all the young people, I want to send a message of love and appreciation, comfort and hope. If you want a future of endless debt, worry, fear, war, hate, violence and contention, by all means vote for the status quo. If you want a future in a country where we all work toward a nation where we the people, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, and promote the general welfare, then vote for me. It’s that simple, debt slavery or Freedom, it’s your choice.”

Free Tuition Paid For From the Sale of Legalized Marijuana Matthew Heines for US Senate


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