Actress and Activist Tiffani Fest Releases First TEDx Talk

2022-02-14 19:30:05 - Los Angeles, California, United States - (PR Distribution™)


Los Angeles based actress and activist Tiffani Fest has turned her most personal transformation story into a powerful new  TEDx talk that launched this month on the TED YouTube channel.


Titled "Turning Your Greatest Suffering into Your Greatest Gift," Tiffani shares publicly for the first time how she turned her greatest suffering as a sexual abuse survivor into her greatest mission to advocate on behalf of women survivors around the world.



She added: "When I began my global philanthropy efforts in 2015 as a solo female traveler, never did I imagine my passion for championing oppressed women and children would begin to forge a path for my public speaking & survivor advocacy work to emerge.” 


She has gone on to become an ambassador to New Light India, the largest non-profit operating in the red-light districts of Kolkata, whose mission is to educate and empower women and girls there, thus ending the cycle of second generation prostitution. Championing New Light’s work & supporting their initiatives has transformed Tiffani's life into one of purpose-driven joy and fulfillment. 


It has also deepened her work as an artist. She goes on to say, "I believe strongly that art exists at the intersection of storytelling and social justice. And that my work as an activist is not separate from my work as an actress. The job of all art is to hold a mirror up to humanity, to create a dialogue with our own reflection, to challenge it, and often to be a catalyst for social change."


"We can all turn the source of our greatest suffering into wellsprings of purpose and mission. As a speaker and a survivor, my goal is to continue to use my voice to amplify and champion female survivor leadership." 


To learn more about Tiffani Fest or to book her as a speaker, visit her speaker website: www.tiffani-fest-speaks.com.


To learn more about her work as an actress, visit: http://www.imdb.me/tiffanifest


Social Media Link: www.instagram.com/tiffanibrookefest

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