Advanced Navigation & Positioning Corporation is pleased to be an exhibitor and sponsor at the 2021 International Fighter Conference, to be held Nov 2-4 in London, UK

2021-10-29 15:00:00 - London, United Kingdom - (PR Distribution™)

Hood River, Oregon, USA ANPC is the world’s only supplier of rapidly deployable precision approach guidance and surveillance systems for temporary airfield operations anywhere in the world. 

Future aviation deployments will be to forward areas of the European theater of operations, as well as with global deployments with partner countries in hotspots around the world. Aviation operations will be on uncontrolled airfields, improvised fields, and motorway networks. ANPC provides the tools to make any airfield operations, regardless of location, weather, and terrain as easy to operate in as the home airfield.

The Peregrine line of transponder-based landing and surveillance systems provides the combined functions of a precision instrument landing system (ILS), secondary surveillance radar (SSR), and precision approach radar (PAR), and can be installed in a matter of hours in any environment, anywhere, regardless of runway length, terrain, obstacles, or climate conditions. It is essentially an airport-in-a-box.

This performance-based navaid is poised for integration into the world’s next-generation airspace systems and air combat management. It will support approach procedures that are curved, segmented, steeper-than-normal, or otherwise complex, but does not employ nor depend upon any form of satellite navigation, and can be reliably deployed in GNSS-denied environments.

The Peregrine family of products was specifically designed to serve airfields where conventional ILS systems are infeasible to implement, where rapid deployment is mission-critical, or where enhanced situational awareness is required for separation or security. 

These systems require little to no earthworks or site conditioning, and when deployed occupy a single small footprint that can be flexibly sited based on the runway environment. Peregrine guidance appears and flies identically to a conventional ILS using legacy avionics, so there are no equipment upgrades or new pilot training required.

With customers and installations on all seven continents, ANPC has been manufacturing precision approach guidance and area surveillance solutions since 1991. Our systems are being deployed to safely land aircraft in the harshest environments, from ice and snow runways in Antarctica to the deserts of the Middle East.

"We are pleased to be a part of this year's International Fighter Conference and present our innovative navigation solutions in support of the military aviation community."

  • Jeff Mains, CEO

ANPC is a US based business, and all system design, testing, and production are conducted at our corporate headquarters in Hood River, Oregon. ANPC systems are in full compliance with ICAO performance requirements for Cat. I Instrument Landing Systems.

If you would like more information on how ANPC can enable greater safety, capacity, and efficiency of your airfield operations, please visit us at booth #9. Our representatives will be pleased to present more information and answer any questions, and our CEO Mr. Jeff Mains will be speaking to the delegates on Thu 4 Nov at 12:15. See this web page for more details on ANPC and our participation in International Fighter 2021.

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