AFIELD: A Groundbreaking Startup Offering Full-Service U.S. Real Estate Investment Assistance for Overseas Investors

2020-03-03 11:33:58 - United States, New York, New York - (PR Distribution™)

Investing in stateside real estate just got a whole lot easier for military families, diplomats, and investors based outside the U.S.

With long-term mortgage rates dropping close to historic lows, and home prices holding steady, there's never been a better time to invest in the U.S. real estate market. For investors living abroad, however, the research, legwork, and logistics involved in finding and securing a high- yield stateside property across such a long distance can be a daunting task--until now.

According to Founder and President Mari Pearce, Afield is the first company created specifically to facilitate fully remote, global investments in the U.S. real estate market. Leveraging an expansive network of high-quality real estate investment connections cultivated during her career in real estate while living in California and Qatar, Pearce provides a wealth of first-hand knowledge, exclusive resources, and hands-on expertise to investors living outside the United States.

"My inspiration for founding Afield was born from personal experience," says Pearce. "I know first-hand about the obstacles and frustrations that investors must overcome in order to successfully navigate the U.S. real estate market from abroad. I'm committed to breaking down those barriers and helping others to achieve their financial goals."

Headquartered in both the Persian Gulf region and the U.S., Afield's leadership team is able to accommodate clients on a global scale, regardless of time zone, to meet the needs of investors no matter what corner of the world they currently call home. From one-door residences to commercial properties, LLC formation to tax planning, Afield has the resources and connections to get you from curious to cash flow--without ever having to book a flight.

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