Air Oasis® launches iAdaptAir™ claiming title of ‘Most Effective Residential Air Purifier’

2018-02-12 17:19:56 - AMARILLO, TEXAS - (PR Distribution™)
Proudly Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A., iAdaptAir Purifier and Surface Sanitizer Helps Protect Homes Against Allergens, Germs, Mold, Odors and other Harmful Pollutants

Air Oasis is excited to release their latest innovation, the iAdaptAir Purifier & Surface Sanitizer.“We are confident that iAdaptAir is the single most effective air purifier in the world.” said Jon Bennert, CEO.“It combines the very best Carbon and True HEPA filtration with non-filtered technologies: bi-polar ionization, ultraviolet light, and our proprietary Advanced Hydrated PCO.”

Air Oasis is laying down a challenge that their new iAdaptAir series will outperform any residential air purifier.

The iAdaptAir design was commissioned by a large air purification distributor in China, where air pollution ranks among the worst globally.In order to address extremely poor air quality, the iAdaptAir is the first to combine the latest smart control features with five of the most advanced air purification and surface sanitizing technologies.It features True HEPA filtration, carbon filtration, AHPCO nanotechnology, germicidal UVC, and bi-polar ionization.

Additional features include ultra-quiet operation and sleep mode. The iAdaptAir smart sensor measures indoor air quality and dynamically adjusts operation for energy efficiency, system longevity, and quick remediation of contaminants.Customers are able to pull up real-time air quality data on their phones, anytime, from anywhere.

According to Bennert, “Whether it’s allergies, cold and flu season, hurricane relief, or recovery from wildfires, our products are designed to keep indoor air and surfaces clear of unwanted contaminants and odors.”

Air Oasis takes product testing and effectiveness very seriously. Multiple studies have been conducted to show Air Oasis products are effective against surface-borne and airborne contaminants, including viruses. In fact, one recent study was successfully conducted against the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV), which found over 99.99% kill rates on a surface. Efficacy against MERS is an important benchmark for virus control. All Air Oasis products are backed by over a decade of leading university research studies and are under the guidance of Air Oasis’ dedicated technical expert and co-founder Dr. Jeff Bennert. 

For more information about Air Oasis, visit their website, or call 800-936-1764.

About Air Oasis

Founded in 2004 in Amarillo, Texas, Air Oasis LLC has grown to become the leader in Air Quality innovation and American-made quality. Living its motto: “We are about your air.”, Air Oasis is fully committed to making homes and offices healthier and more comfortable. After all, Americans spend up to ninety percent of our time indoors.Air Oasis’ proprietary advanced technologies and product designs take air purification to a new level. Air Oasis products are reasonably priced, low-maintenance, and energy efficient. They quietly and effectively sanitize air and surface areas, whereas many competitors are limited to passive, local air cleaning.

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