Alexandra Lozano: Both Award-Winning Lawyer and Author

2022-06-22 11:30:00 - Tukwila, Washington, United States - (PR Distribution™)

A proud advocate for immigrant rights, Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law, is dedicated to serving the Latino community and ensuring that the U.S. nationwide industry changes from cutthroat working environments to supportive ones. 

Written Works

Her testimony is a story of determination and vigilance, guiding her every move. In revitalizing her practice in Seattle, the founder and CEO of Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law saw immense success. A new perspective helped her create guides for other small firms to follow so they can also find success.

Alexandra Lozano's books include “Law Firm Business School” and “Be the CEO of Your Law Firm.” These are designed to help solo attorneys run their firms when they haven't been taught how to run a business. Traditional firms may appeal to some attorneys, but specialized practices call for individuals with a specific cause. 

“Ignite Your Practice with the T Visa: A Guide for Immigration Lawyers” is another book she wrote that focuses on the best practices for securing the rights of sex trafficking victims through a T Visa. The book walks attorneys through the process of screening for a T Visa and how to obtain one for clients to keep them safe.

By writing about her successes, Alexandra Lozano extends a hand to other attorneys in hopes of giving them the tools they need to succeed.

AILA Sam Williamson Mentor Award

Having been recognized by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), Alexandra Lozano was honored with the 2016 Sam Williamson Mentor Award for her work with immigration law and supporting other attorneys. This prestigious award has been given out since 1992 to attorneys who do outstanding work with immigration law to fight for clients and deliver counsel when needed.

Alexandra Lozano is a highly-respected attorney, knowledgeable in her field, and dedicated to her practice. Her efforts to help clients and colleagues make her a truly exceptional attorney to work with on any immigration case.

Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law

Dedicated to serving the Latino community, Abogada Alexandra strives to get clients legal status in the U.S. without them having to leave the country. The practice was founded by Alexandra Lozano and she and her passionate team are constantly looking to achieve the best outcome for their clients.

They handle cases involving survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence, relief post-criminal convictions, and post-deportation relief for immigrants to help alleviate some of the burdens on their shoulders. Having excellent legal counsel makes it easier for people to navigate the law and certain immigrant rights.


Abogada Alexandra is the leader of a law firm specializing in immigrant rights, founded and operated by the award-winning Alexandra Lozano. Her books have inspired many attorneys to pursue T Visas for their clients and secure rights for immigrants. 

With a powerful professional drive and a law firm under her belt, Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law is determined to pursue the happiness and protection of immigrant clientele.

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