An upcoming innovation that will allow you to develop DApps and Blockchain service with No-Code within 10 minutes

2021-10-04 19:15:00 - Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo - (PR Distribution™)

Blockchain startup LasTrust has started accepting beta user registrations for Bunzz, a development support tool for blockchain developers that allows them to develop DApps (decentralized applications) without writing any code. 


What is Bunzz?

Bunzz is the world's first platform that allows users to develop DApps in “no-code” and without any prior knowledge of blockchain.

DApps which are decentralized applications based on blockchain technology such as NFT and DeFi, has attracted the attention of numerous developers and investors. However, new companies and entry-level developers have found it hard to dive into blockchain because it requires a high level of expertise. Thus, Bunzz which is similar to Firebase has become essential in the development of DApps has it helps bridge the gap for new companies and developers.

To address this need, LasTrust has developed Bunzz (https://bunzz.dev/), a platform that enables the creation of DApps without the need for expertise in blockchain or smart contracts (the programs that make up DApps).

The platform allows users to complete the entire process from DApp configuration to deployment using only a graphical user interface (GUI), thus greatly reducing the cost of learning blockchain and smart contracts that make up DApp.

User registration for the beta version will begin today. (The official launch is scheduled for December 2021.

  • Bunzz UI

Bunzz's unique modular structure enables smart contracts to work together smoothly. DApps can be expanded like a puzzle. It realizes a high degree of freedom in composability, and through research and development, LasTrust has realized the modularization of the smart contracts that make up DApp.

This makes it possible to combine a module that generates NFTs (ERC721) with one that trades NFTs to develop an NFT marketplace. Alternatively, a "module that generates ERC20" and a "lending function module" can be used to develop a "lending type DeFi service".

In this way, users can quickly and easily deploy a wide variety of DApps with “No-Code” by combining modules. (Maximum 10 minutes)

Module settings can be operated intuitively with GUI.      

Collaboration between smart contracts can be realized by linking template modules and users' own modules.

In addition to the modules of frequently used contracts prepared in advance, Bunzz plans to implement Explorer and Repository, which allow users to use their own uploaded smart contracts. (~2022 Q1)

This will allow users to extend the functionality of DApp by using contracts outside their area of expertise, for example, adding a Yield Curve function module created by a DeFi specialist or adding a module to the marketplace that returns profits to the creator of NFT.

In addition, we are planning to implement a function that allows developers to sell uploaded modules for a fee, while also providing value to developers as a collaboration platform for modular smart contracts.

(User registration is available here: https://bunzz.dev/)

  • Plans to collaborate with the No-Code web application creation tool "bubble

Bunzz is a service that eliminates the need for back-end coding in DApp development, while also providing an environment where front-end development can be done without the need to write any code. Specifically, we plan to provide a plugin for the web application creation tool "bubble" and a tutorial explaining how to integrate it to your application.

This update will provide an environment where both the backend and frontend can be developed without writing any code.

  • User registration for the beta version is now open!

We are now accepting user registrations for the beta version of Bunzz, which provides the basic building blocks of DApp: token assets, NFT, and modules for building DeFi services.

--Token-based Contracts

1. erc20

2. ERC721 (NFT)

--Functional Contracts

1. marketplace

2. lending

In addition, we offer "Ready-made contracts combination", a function that combines the above modules to easily realize the main functions of existing DApps with high name recognition. The lineup is as follows:

We hope you will enjoy using the world's first no-code DApp development. (To register, please click below)


  • The origin and concept behind the name "Bunzz"

The name "Bunzz" is derived from the bun part of a hamburger, likening the development of a DApp to the process of making a hamburger. The concept of Bunzz is to provide a high-quality bun (backend) that allows users to deploy their original burgers (DApps) by selecting their favorite ingredients (smart contracts) and to use any ingredient as a product.

  • You can check the latest updates of Bunzz on twitter.

In addition to the start of the user registration process, we opened a twitter account where we will post regular updates on Bunzz and DApp development in general. Please follow us on Twitter. https://twitter.com/BunzzDev

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