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2023-02-27 17:00:00 - Chicago, Illinois, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Freelance fashion designer Ann Dishinger recently sat down with Inspirery.com for an in-depth interview discussing her career. In one of the first extensive interviews ever done with Dishinger, readers can learn about her start, who she’s had the chance to work with, and her future aspirations.

Working as a freelance fashion designer takes time and effort to find success. In the interview, she details the early working days to get noticed and gain confidence. After catching a break or two, she could use self-expression to differentiate herself and her clothes. 

Confidence is another central theme of the interview. According to Ann Dischinger, anyone working for themselves as a freelancer needs to have the confidence to succeed. Doubts can bring down an individual trying to break through in an industry, but trusting in the process and exuding confidence can make a big difference.

“I had to have a lot of confidence in myself in the beginning, but it was hard not to doubt,” Dishinger said in the interview. “I think everyone doubts at some point.”

The interview also has Ann Dishinger talking a lot about the importance of networking to grow as a freelancer. What works for her as a fashion designer can also be used as advice for other freelancers hoping to work for themselves. 

Networking gave her a customer for the first time, and it’s been a massive marketing strategy ever since. As a person's network grows, the hard work early on pays dividends later.

According to Dishinger, finding success requires grit and determination. In the interview, she touches on the future as a fashion designer, hoping to evolve and make her unique brand continually. 

Working with clients and giving them a reason to return to her allows her to thrive. She’s always looking for ways to improve her business, but there’s also the balance of sticking with what’s worked.

A total of 12 questions were answered in detail during the interview posted on Inspirery.com. Dishinger loves sharing her story and hopes to inspire the next generation of fashion designers. Her work as a personal stylist also makes her an in-demand professional.

Visit the Inspirery website to read the full interview with Ann Dishinger. The website specializes in posting interviews with entrepreneurs and executives in many different industries worldwide. 

This is one of the first interviews done by Ann Dishinger, a growing name in the fashion design industry. As her business grows, more and more people want to know more about her story.

About Fashion Designer Ann Dishinger Chicago

Ann Dischinger is a freelance fashion designer and personal stylist from Chicago, Illinois. She’s built a business from a lifelong passion for creating, styling, and altering clothes. She likes to express herself through the clothes she designs for clients.

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