Apcotane an innovative and cost effective solution during a slumping oil market.

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - United States, Louisiana, New Orleans - (PR Distribution™)

Apollo Petroleum has received their long-awaited patent on their Apcotane product.  This product is used for the mitigation of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Mercaptan Sulfur in crude oil.  The Apcotane product has been used in commercial application for over 18 months.  It has been used to mitigate over 150,000 ppm of vapor phase H2S.  Another component that makes this product unique to the marketplace is its ability to keep all particles in solution.  This eliminates fall-out which also reduces scaling and corrosiveness that is expected in a typical scavenger.  Apollo does not consider its Apcotane product a scavenger.  The chemical reaction is irreversible, which means it no longer allows for the sulfur to be in the sulfide phase.  “We tried to take three things that we feel are not in the scavenger space and produce one product to address three concerns… irreversible reaction, particles staying in solution, and the ability to mitigate H2S no matter the concentration.” said Chris Jean, Apollo Managing Member.

Apollo’s unique chemical blend allows a producer to effectively treat his crude oil after three phase separation. Apcotane’s application can easily be applied in-line or in a batch treatment process.   In most situations, Apcotane can easily be injected in the current location of their chemical introduction.  

Apcotane works to neutralize the PH of the water vapor and organics that are present in the crude oil coming out of the ground.  By bringing the PH to a neutral state, this allows for the disassociation of the Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) molecule as well as the Mercaptan Sulfur.  Apollo then utilizes an Organic Acid to allow the molecules to bind.  This, in essence, ties up the Sulfur and does not allow it to revert to the sulfide phase.  This also inhibits the particles from being able to fall out of solution.  

Apollo has done extensive research and testing to verify that Apcotane does not harm the Hydrocarbon chain.  Full crude assays have been performed by third party labs to verify that all the fractionalization distillate cuts are right in line with the typical refinement process.  “We have been fortunate in allowing producers the ability to take previously shut-in production and bring it back online.  This could greatly impact the sour portfolio of a company and change their oil reserves.  One producer even told us this will change the way they drill.” said Jean.  

Apcotane has been proven in the lab, verified in the field, and now has been certified by the United States patent office.  Apcotane is an amazing solution that mitigates H2S and the hazards that accompany it. “With safety being a priority for all producers, Apcotane should be a priority for sour treatment.” said Jean.  Apcotane will change the scavenger market, by creating a better solution.

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