Appenate Celebrates 9th Year Of Operation By Helping Businesses Go Paperless For Less

2021-03-02 02:21:04 - Australia, Queensland, Brisbane - (PR Distribution™)

Queensland, Australia: Since the advent of modern technology, businesses have been eyeing the big shift to paperless operations. The good news is, momentum is building. 

The mythical “Paperless Office” is more accessible than ever - and Appenate, a business operating in the mobile forms & workflow space, has just made it easier (and more affordable) than ever. 

A new “Going Paperless” special offer helps businesses shift their processes to paperless for just $90. This includes 3 months of access to Appenate for 15 premium users. Free training and support are also included in the deal. 

This special offer aims to help SMEs shift to paperless and save on budget.  With the technology aspect covered by Appenate, these savings can go towards the “people” part of their paperless transition - training materials, roll-out planning and hardware purchases.

More information on the actual transition is available on Appenate’s going paperless blog post, which includes a comprehensive view of the process. 

Taking this offer means you’ll save over $580 in your first three months of going paperless.  Plus significant savings on other operational costs like travel (transport of paper forms), printing and hours spent collecting, sorting and digitally capturing stacks of paper. 

Head to Appenate’s website to find out more about this special offer, and see whether they’d be a fit for your business.

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