Aquienta Pools and Landscaping Announces Its 25th Anniversary

2020-07-01 19:19:09 - United States, Arizona, Gilbert - (PR Distribution™)

Aquienta Pools and Landscaping (Aquienta) is announcing its 25-year anniversary as a premier pool and landscaping contractor in Arizona.  

Aquienta was founded in 1995 by Derek Jacobs in Tempe, Arizona. The company focused primarily on weekly pool maintenance & repair and used a small gardening shed (pic) for their initial operations.  In 1996, Aquienta tackled their first pool renovation and to this day, Derek Jacobs can recall the customer’s name “they were Mr. and Mrs. Morse” said Jacobs.   In 1997, Aquienta completed their first new pool build.  In 2004 they moved to their current 7,000 square foot location in Gilbert, AZ and in 2009, they launched their landscaping division.  Now, 25 years later they offer a wide range of services including weekly pool maintenance, pool service and repair, pool remodeling, new pool construction, landscaping service and repair, landscape remodeling and new landscape installations.  The team’s extensive knowledge of the industry combined with the company’s strict quality standards and procedures are major contributors to the ongoing success.  Aquienta currently employees 35 full-time team members.

In talking with Mr. Jacobs, Aquienta’s president, he said “it’s hard to believe when the company started, we only advertised our current (7) digit phone number, as Arizona had only (1) area code - “602”.  And we didn’t have or need cell phones or email.”  When we asked Mr. Jacobs about Aquienta’s key to success, he said “we have done a very consistent job of delivering exceptional customer service and products for our valued customers.  Those customers have been the genesis for our on-going success, as they have become ambassadors for us and continue to share their experiences with all those around them.”  

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