Arco Cafe Launches A New Menu

2022-04-06 23:05:20 - United States, New York - (PR Distribution™)

Sardinian-Italian restaurant Arco Cafe recently revamped their menu to reflect a stronger connection to  Sardinian heritage and influence. 

Visit Arco Cafe on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and you’ll immediately see the restaurant’s love for all things Sardinian culture. This small, family-owned restaurant has been cooking up delectable Sardinian Italian fare since its inception in 2014. On March 21, 2022 after 8 years in business, the restaurant proudly released a new and reimagined menu. Featuring homemade pasta dishes and contemporary main courses, this menu offers a renewed take on Sardinian cuisine. 

Arco Cafe’s updated menu comes off the heels of a successful run during NYC Restaurant Week Winter 2022. The prix-fixe program that is Restaurant Week invites guests to try a wide array of eateries throughout New York City to celebrate New York’s renowned dining scene. Arco Cafe participated in the event alongside countless other restaurants looking to help the city get back on its feet after the trying past several years.  

The new menu is filled to the brim with classic Sardinian favorites. Pasta lovers can indulge in homemade pasta made from durum wheat, egg, whole wheat, and other specialty varieties. Those looking for seafood pasta dishes may enjoy the busa, made with clams, mussels, calamari, and shrimp in a spicy light tomato sauce. For vegetarians, there is the whole wheat malloreddos, complete with mixed vegetables and green peas in a garlic and olive oil sauce to die for. As for main courses, diners can choose from fish, meat, and poultry dishes, all of which are made with fresh ingredients and an authentic Sardinian flair. Pair an entree with classic Sardinian sides like pane carasau, for a meal you won’t forget.

Guests visiting between 12:30 to 5 pm may take advantage of the Lunch Pre Fixe Menu, which includes an appetizer and a main course for just $21. 

Casual Italian fare is never complete without a glass of wine and Sardinian produces many fine examples.. Arco Cafe has a wide selection of reds and whites available by the glass, in a small carafe, or by the bottle. Whether they are searching for a full-bodied Bovale or a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, guests are sure to find just the right vino to pair with their meal. 

Last but certainly not least, Arco Cafe’s dessert & coffee menu features delicious sweet treats including the signature Sardinian pastry, the Sebada.. For a mix of savory and sweet, the Torta Monterosa with ricotta cheese and mascarpone layer cake could do the trick. End the night on a high note with a macchiato or cappuccino. 

"We are delighted about the launch of our new menu and are so excited to show New Yorkers more about the true essence of Italian and Sardinian food," said sister-and-brother owners Francesca and Daniele Fiori. 

"This would not be possible without the help of our friends, families, customers, and supporters who have supported us through this journey." 

Visit Arco Cafe today to experience their new menu and see why all of New York City has been buzzing about Sardinia’s finest on the Upper West Side. 

About Arco Cafe

Arco Cafe is a NYC-based authentic Sardianian Italian restaurant located in the heart of New York City’s Upper West Side. Following the true traditions of Sardinian cooking, Arco’s homemade pastas and sauces are crafted with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible to deliver healthy and delicious food to all guests. The restaurant offers meat, fish, poultry, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options for everyone to enjoy. Visit Arco Cafe at 886 Amsterdam Avenue, New York or contact by telephone at (646) 781-9080.

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