Artist, Podcaster and Filmmaker, Kobina Wright, Pays Tribute to Poet, Langston Hughes, on 121st Birthday

2022-02-01 20:00:00 - INLAND EMPIRE, CA - (PR Distribution™)

INLAND EMPIRE, CA – February 01, 2022 – Kobina Wright, commemorates the achievements of prolific Harlem Renaissance writer Langston Hughes on his 121st birthday by releasing dedicated original work of art on her website and an episode about Hughes on her podcast called, The Whole Art Nebula. In the episode, Wright gives a brief count of the life and work of the writer as well as a reading of his short story titled, “Thank You, Ma’am.”

Wright uses The Whole Art Nebula as a platform to inform listeners about art history as created by Black visual artists, recognizing that the stories of Black visual artists go under-recorded and under-appreciated in the scope of art history. Wright has made an exception with Hughes because of his prominence and inspiration during the Harlem Renaissance where Black artists and writers of all types found inspiration in each other. This episode on Langston Hughes comes on the heels of the podcast’s hiatus as Wright, with her team, focused on producing a short film in 2021.


Executive producer, Kevin Saunders of KS Media; writer and director, Kobina Wright and producer, Henry Jones III of Subtle Insight Entertainment completed the film in January 2022 and recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for film festival fees.

The abstract drawing Wright created in honor of Langston Hughes, is titled, “Blues at Dawn: For Langston.” In the work, she uses her signature Least Pennism style. The work contains elements of symbolic abstraction; however, the work also references two lines in Hughes’ short poem titled, “Blues at Dawn.” The work is 16” x 12” on gray paper and is unframed and the original work and can be viewed on her website at https://Kobina-Wright.pixpa.com.

To hear the podcast episode about Langston Hughes, go to TheWholeArtNebula.com or find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

To visit “Two Three’s” crowdfunding campaign go to: https://igg.me/at/twothree.



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