Assetsclaimback delivers Compliance Solution and Asset Tracking to provide Reimbursement.

2022-06-21 15:00:00 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - (PR Distribution™)

Every year billions of dollars of assets go missing . They are sometimes lost, frequently stolen, often just completely forgotten about because a company’s asset tracking systems are based on outmoded paper-based systems prone to human error.

Research by Assetsclaimback Recovery Advisory claims Australian organizations and individuals are collectively ‘losing’ AU$4.3 billion ($2.92 billion) in assets every year. Extrapolate the numbers out globally and the problem of tracking Digital assets in the Finance Market, or across multiple Market, is obvious.

Assetsclaimback delivers cryptocurrency AML compliance solutions for some of the largest banks, exchanges, and other financial institutions in the world because of its best-in-class data attribution, analytics, proprietary clustering algorithms, and coverage of 2,000+ cryptocurrency entities—more than any other blockchain analytics company.

Many people are trying to invest for the future, And with the Money market having such a high volume, it’s impossible to manually monitor every single transaction. That’s where Cyb3rNub transaction monitoring software comes in—this technology allows Specialist, banks and other financial institutions to monitor transactions on a daily or real-time basis.

Such software combines different sources of information, such as the account holder’s history, risk-assessment, and the details of individual transactions such as the total sum of the money, countries involved, and the nature of purchase. Transactions can include Cryptocurrency transfer, cash deposits, wire transfers, and withdrawals. When a transaction is deemed to be high risk, it’s flagged by the system as suspicious activity.

Assetsclaimback specializes in dealing with online theft and help provide reimbursement to their victims using disputes, tracking down digital fingerprints, cyber analysis and thorough investigation.

Search for an address, transaction, entity or event

* View comprehensive risk profiles for wallets, addresses and entities, including high-risk on-chain activity or affiliates

Build graphs to trace the flow of funds

* Trace the flow of funds across 25 different blockchains and 1,000,000+ assets, all within the same graph or table

* Collaborate with your team in real time using built-in case management. Add notes, upload files, or link graphs, customers, transactions, alerts, and addresses to build a case

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