Athena Workflow, Collaborates with the IRS on API integration for secure transcript retrieval.

2021-12-01 20:15:00 - Florida, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Athena Workflow, has been selected within the multiple platforms that offers immediate integration through the Athena Workflow transcription tool.

Athena Workflowan accounting practice management software, has announced its integration with the IRS to implement transcript data retrieval through a New, Secure API.

Athena Workflow, has implemented an API within its Software prior to its update ensuring that its clients have Continuous access to their clients' transcription data.

The New API meets all IRS multi-year requirements to upgrade modernize your IT systems, This is an effort to improve taxpayer services and enjoyment of using this Software. Athena Workflow is one of the few platforms that collaborates with IRS, which makes it a security platform and one of the most efficient in its functionality.

Carlos J. Martínez Product Director of Athena Workflow has said “We are proud and honored to have achieved this update to our Software and we are happy to announce to all who want to acquire this accounting practice management service that the most recent update is available on our platform for all Accountants”.

About Athena Workflow.

Athena Workflow, an accounting practice management software aimed at simplifying the workflow of the accounting firm. It's your task management solution designed to simplify your life by saving you time, money, and organizing your practice. Every job, task and delegation in this software allows you to have the confidence of being able to get your work done in a timely manner and in real time, which will meet the needs of each company.

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