Atlazo Introduces Industry’s First Intelligent PMIC (iPMIC) for Hearable, Wearable and Ultra-Low Power IoT Devices Markets

03/18/2019 08:00 - San Diego, CA - (PR Distribution™)

Atlazo Inc. today announced industry first intelligent PMIC (iPMIC) for hearing aid, hearable, wearable and ultra-low power battery-powered IoT applications extending battery-life while reducing valuable board area.

With the increasing demand for small, intelligent and connected products and need for extending battery-life pressing product designers, the market for more efficient and optimized power management is exploding. Atlazo’s iPMIC solution called AZ8000 is the first product adequately addressing the stringent requirements of this rapidly growing market. The AZ8000 is a nano-power, fully programmable power management system with integrated battery charger offering industry-leading 90%+ conversion efficiency in the sub-mA load current range and maintaining high regulation efficiency down to an unprecedented 1uA of load current. Atlazo’s fully integrated iPMIC AZ8000 extends battery life time by 25-50% and reduces board area by up to 40% compared to discrete power management and voltage regulators.

Atlazo's industry-leading iPMIC features a proprietary digital controller and a novel switching topology to enable record-breaking efficiency using small and reduced number of passives suitable for in-package integration. The AZ8000 offers three buck converters and one buck-boost converter maintaining flat efficiency above 90% and regulating down to a ground-breaking 1uA of load current in addition to 2 highly efficient LDOs. Atlazo iPMIC supports advanced real-time power management modes for ultra-fast dynamic voltage and frequency scaling of the host CPU in the system. It also features an industry-first and proprietary spur-free operation to eliminate conducted and radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the RF bands of interest. This novel programmable spur-free operation capability is compatible with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular transceivers enabling them to be powered with Atlazo SMPS regulators and offers improved SNR and extended battery-life. Radiated EMI is a significant issue in small form factor hearing-aid, hearable and wearable devices where there is little distance between PMIC and RF devices. 

The AZ8000 also integrates a 300mA JEITA compliant programmable charger with fault detection and 3 programmable constant current LED drivers. The device includes a programmable current sink/PWM output. A bidirectional I2C interface allows for configuring and checking the status of the device. 

The AZ8000 is best suited to hearing aid, hearables, wearables, battery-powered healthcare devices and ultra-low power IoT devices such as smart home and smart city products. The AZ8000 iPMIC is expected to sample in Q2. 

“Atlazo AZ8000 is used as platform to build our upcoming AI System-on-ChipTM (AISoC) and Health System-on-ChipTM (HSoC) products by integrating AI, flexible bio-sensor interfaces and wireless connectivity to build industry’s most energy-efficient products” said Dr. Karim Arabi, Founder and CEO of Atlazo, Inc. “Atlazo will demonstrate working silicon of iPMIC in our lab in San Diego, CA in conjunction with APEC in Anaheim, CA from March 17-21, 2019.” For more information and availability inquiry about the Atlazo AZ8000, please reach us at contact@atlazo.com.

About Atlazo

Atlazo is the leader in energy-efficient AI semiconductor and software design for edge computing applications targeting the rapidly growing hearing aid, hearable, wearable and ultra-low power health IoT markets. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, the company is dedicated to addressing the global demand for more reliable health tracking and audio by bringing together cutting-edge innovations in energy-efficient AI and flexible bio-sensing interface in a single System-on-Chip (SoC) solution. Atlzao’s products offer manufacturers a platform for rapid development of innovative hearable and wearable healthcare products dramatically reducing costs and time-to-market, while improving quality of care. Atlazo is a member company of EvoNexus, Southern California's leading incubator of technology startups.

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