Attorney Sues Bloomberg Law for Libel and False Light

2022-12-19 20:00:00 - Knoxville, Tennessee, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Tennessee attorney Elliott J. Schuchardt has filed a lawsuit against journalist Roy Strom and Bloomberg, L.P. 

The complaint alleges that Strom published an intentionally-false article about Schuchardt on the Bloomberg Law website. 

Strom's article discussed a case that Schuchardt filed on behalf of David Dell'Aquila against the National Rifle Association. 

After filing the case, Schuchardt could not continue with the Dell'Aquila representation due to attacks on his license to practice law by Schuchardt's adversaries in a separate case.  Dell'Aquila took nearly a year to retain new counsel for the NRA case after Schuchardt was unable to represent him.   

In his complaint, Schuchardt contends that Strom and Bloomberg created the false impression that Schuchardt was responsible for Dell'Aquila's delays in the case. 

Schuchardt contends that the title of Strom's article -- "How Suspended Lawyer Derailed a $1 Billion Claim Against the NRA" -- created the false appearance that Schuchardt caused a $1 billion loss in connection with the NRA case.  In reality, there was no loss whatsoever. 

According to Schuchardt's complaint, the NRA case was not "derailed" at all. It is common for lawyers to withdraw from cases without having any effect on the litigation.  That was the situation in the NRA case. 

Strom and Bloomberg did not mention that Dell'Aquila missed three court-ordered deadlines to retain new counsel after Schuchardt withdrew from the case.  Furthermore, Schuchardt had no obligation to locate new counsel for Dell'Aquila.    

Schuchardt is seeking punitive damages of $4 million against Bloomberg and Strom. 

Schuchardt is a 1993 graduate of Columbia Law School.  Schuchardt has spent much of the last ten years engaging in civil liberties work in the courts.  In 2015, he obtained an injunction that helped keep SweetBriar College, located in Amherst, Virginia, from permanently closing its doors.  Schuchardt has also sued the federal government, alleging unlawful collection of e-mail. 

The case is filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, in Nashville. 

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