Aware by BuildingLink and Carson Living integrate Smart Sensor Platform for unstaffed or partially staffed buildings

03/31/2020 12:36 - United States, New York, New York - (PR Distribution™)

The integration allows Carson Living customers to view smart sensor data and receive sensor alerts from the Aware Smart Sensor platform

March 26, 2020 – New York

Aware by BuildingLink, a leading provider of cloud based sensor solutions for smart buildings announces an integration with Carson 24/7 remote doorman service and, the one app resident experience for unstaffed and partially staffed multi-family properties. 

This integration provides the ability for Carson customers to manage Aware by BuildingLink smart sensor data such as leak detection, mechanical systems monitoring, door ajar, and occupancy monitoring from within the Carson application environment.  Sensors can be managed, monitored, and configured by property managers and received within Carson.  Additionally, alerts can be configured by property managers to be sent to the recipient of their choice.

“This integration provides our customers with the capabilities of a sophisticated building management system without the cost and installation complexity” explains Guy Blachman, CEO of Carson Living.  “Aware allows Carson Living customers to manage and monitor mechanical systems such as boilers or furnaces, water heaters, pumps, and especially to detect water leaks.  All of the data is fully integrated into Carson and provides a one stop shop for building management, as well as a unique resident experience.”

Michael Hejtmanek, VP of business development for Aware by BuildingLink continues “Aware is a smart sensor  platform, we have many solutions that are suitable for buildings large and small.  But in smaller unstaffed or partially staffed buildings we bring tremendous value to property managers by providing them with eyes and ears in the building.  Our sensors are constantly monitoring for conditions that might require intervention or maintenance.  They let the property manager know something has happened that may need attention of a maintenance call or that something has happened and has been taken care of through Aware’s building automation solutions.” 

About Carson Living

Carson is the 24/7 remote doorman service and app for residents of unstaffed or partially staffed residential buildings. Carson dramatically enhances residents' living experience, and streamlines operations and communications for property management.

Carson brings the experience of a fully staffed large property to a smaller, unstaffed property, at an affordable price.

About Aware by BuildingLink

Aware by BuildingLink. Aware is a division of BuildingLink that provides technologies that unlock building data and grant property managers the actionable insights needed to help reduce costs and improve the quality of life for residents and staff.  Aware’s smart sensor solutions identify problems in buildings such as water leaks, mechanical system failures, elevators in need of repair, monitor noise situations, and manage parking systems.  

For questions and inquiries contact: aware@buildinglink.com or hello@carson.live

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