Awareness Ties™ Launches ‘The Hero Awards’ Calling Upon Everyone to Honor Everyday Heroes of Coronavirus Pandemic

2021-08-20 12:46:25 - - (PR Distribution™)

Giving Gratitude to Our Heroes While Sharing Their Stories on a National Stage

April 2, 2020 - Owosso, MI - Awareness Ties is proud to announce the launch of ‘The Hero Awards’ to honor the everyday heroes of the coronavirus pandemic. The general public is encouraged and invited to nominate their heroes on the Awareness Ties website: 

By joining in this initiative, our everyday heroes will be honored by everyday citizens. We invite every man, woman and child to be part of a national movement to express our collective gratitude with ‘The Hero Edition’. 

What exactly is an ‘everyday hero’? As everyday roles are being redefined one story at a time, so is the definition of ‘everyday hero’. Parents are now interim teachers. Teachers have become technology officers. 

From the front lines in our hospitals to the grocery lines in our supermarkets, those who go above and beyond in the service of others will be recognized. 

“Never in human history have we been hit by something at this scale where every single person is affected. Everyone is feeling this in one way or another,” commented Dr. Leeda Rashid, a front line doctor based in San Francisco. With the inspiring story she shares, she’ll be featured as a hero on the edition’s cover.

In the ‘The Hero Edition’ of AwareNow, uploaded stories will be told and shared in an interactive Issuu™ publication with embedded videos and clickable links. In this way, we together can show and share our appreciation for the extraordinary efforts of these everyday heroes.

“The way we think of heroes has shifted dramatically in such a short time. Some of the very jobs and people we took for granted only weeks ago are now the only ones holding the nation together. In such a vastly dark and uncertain time, we wanted to do our part and shine a light on all the positives, sharing these selfless acts so we never forget those who sacrificed,” Jack McGuire, Co-Founder, Awareness Ties.

Awareness Ties™, as the ‘Official Symbol of Support for Causes’, is changing the way causes are supported with a tie that serves as a symbol to raise both awareness and funds for nonprofits. As a social-impact platform, we are creating a global movement to elevate awareness for causes and provide sustainable resources to accelerate social change. We serve as a light in the dark.

'AwareNow' is a monthly online publication produced by Awareness Ties™ and globally distributed by our partner, Issuu™ - the world's largest digital discovery and publishing platform with an audience of over 100+ million every month.

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