Balance After Cancer Foundation is a New Survivorship Tool for Cancer Survivors Providing FREE Online Classes & More…

03/11/2019 07:00 - New York - (PR Distribution™)

Balance After Cancer Foundation is focused on helping people who have experienced cancer in any way to get back to “normal”. The Foundation offers free survivorship tools such as online learning, one on one coaching, writing workshops and more.

Founded by Lisa Vento Nielsen, a cancer survivor and entrepreneur who had been in her life an educator, published author, executive and mom, wife, and more it is built around the fact she learned by sharing her story via her popular blogs SuperMomBc, The Next Step and The Time Between Is that survivors need more assistance in getting back to “normal”.

“Life is never going to be the same after experiencing cancer”, said Ms Vento Nielsen, “but it is life and therefore a miracle – having support and help getting back to the new normal after dealing with cancer is the mission of my organization to help those who have walked the path that I have. The focus is on education based services to truly help get on the road to our new lives, together.”

The Balance After Cancer Foundation is built on the bedrock of education. As a nonprofit organization, the group offers all of its services to survivors, thrivers and previvors for free but does gladly accept donations to expand their operations and services.

The offerings include online course, one on one coaching, books & workbooks, faith based learning and other resources. More detail of the offerings are:

Online Courses 

  • Work Readiness – many cancer patients lose their jobs or have to stop working during treatment and when they are ready to get back to work find it difficult to do so with their new bodies, new hair (chemo haircuts) and other affects of treatments. This course is a simple 3 chapter one with a workbook to help get those who have experienced cancer ready to work.
  • College Readiness – Ms Vento-Nielsen taught college for over a decade and also wrote books (pre-cancer) about how to be “college ready” – after experiencing cancer and meeting and mentoring some young adult and pediatric cancer survivors, she decided to create and launch an online course about being “college ready after cancer”. There is a workbook for this as well, donations are needed to provide copies of the book to every interested party.
  • Intro to Entrepreneurship – some survivors find the schedule of full time work to be tough and some are unable to work at all so the option to find something they love to do and make a small home based business out of it, particularly for those whose cancer is chronic, is the basis for this introduction to entrepreneurship online course. Also it is a great foundation for those who want to become their own boss. This course is also a great one for those considering becoming their own boss and executing on an entrepreneurial journey – a second more intensive course is coming soon.
  • A course on self-publishing and blogging is launching soon.
  • Writer’s Workshop – a free online writer workshop to “right your story” is available to those who sign up on the website.

One on One Coaching

  • One on One Coaching is available via an online schedule for quick 20 minute calls to formulate a quick plan on survivorship and also potentially lead to more courses and resources being developed.

Books & Workbooks & Articles

Books and workbooks about Balance After Cancer are available as well as free articles and resources are also available at BLOGGER & Blog.

Faith Based Learning

Faith Based Learning is a new addition for a prayer group and also other meditation based faith options open to all faiths and denominations.


Find out more about the offerings and keep up to date by signing up at balanceaftercancer.org. The organization is on Instagram @balance_after_cancer and on Twitter at @balancecancer.

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