Baltimore Plastic Surgeons Share Tips for Finding a Breast Augmentation Provider

06/16/2020 05:00 - United States, Maryland, Baltimore - (PR Distribution™)

The plastic surgeons of JEV Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics offer advice to help individuals find qualified breast surgeons. 

Baltimore, MD - Breast augmentation is a popular, highly personalized cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the size, shape, symmetry, and projection of the breasts through the surgical placement of breast implants. While there are many surgeons who offer breast augmentation, individuals considering the procedure sometimes find the process of finding the right plastic surgeon to be overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, what should a potential breast augmentation patient be looking for in a plastic surgeon? At JEV Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics, leading Baltimore plastic surgeons Carrie A. Houssock, MD and James E. Vogel, MD perform customized breast augmentation procedures with great regularity. This experience allows them to explain what is required to create breast augmentation results that look natural, prioritize safety, and satisfy patients’ expectations.  

Dr. Houssock emphasizes that, first and foremost, it is important to find a properly credentialed plastic surgeon who is qualified and experienced in performing the procedure. She recommends researching plastic surgeons who have undergone extensive specialty training in plastic and reconstructive surgery, demonstrate comprehensive plastic surgery knowledge, and whose approach aligns with the highest ethical, safety, and patient care standards.  

Dr. Houssock and Dr. Vogel suggest that individuals researching and meeting with potential surgeons for breast augmentation surgery should also take the following questions into consideration: 

  • Does this plastic surgeon offer a variety of breast augmentation techniques?
  • Am I satisfied with the range of breast implant options that are available to me? Has this plastic surgeon explained the benefits and drawbacks of each type?
  • Is this plastic surgeon able to confidently guide me through the breast implant selection process?
  • Does this plastic surgeon understand my concerns and goals? Am I being heard?
  • Is it clear that this breast augmentation procedure will be custom-tailored to suit my unique needs and desired outcome?
  • Does this plastic surgeon provide breast augmentation before-and-after photos of patients whose cosmetic concerns and outcomes align with my own? Does he or she consistently achieve results that are natural-looking?
  • Will my procedure be performed in a properly certified hospital or accredited operating facility for my safety?
  • Has this plastic surgeon adequately explained the risks associated with breast augmentation surgery?
  • How much breast augmentation experience does this plastic surgeon have? How experienced is he or she in performing the specific type of breast augmentation procedure I am interested in (i.e. traditional breast augmentation, revision breast augmentation, MTF top surgery, correction of breast asymmetry)?
  • Does this plastic surgeon have good online ratings and reviews? Does he or she make patient testimonials available to me?
  • Do I feel comfortable and safe with this plastic surgeon?

 For some patients, the research and interviewing process can be time-consuming; however, the end result is most often worth the added effort. According to Dr. Vogel, “meeting your plastic surgeon in person during a consultation and asking lots of questions is critical to finding out if they are the right doctor for you. Patients must determine whether they can trust a surgeon with their body and health, which is a monumental commitment.” Dr. Houssock adds that, “at JEV Plastic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Vogel and I strive to create a welcoming environment where potential patients feel comfortable openly communicating with us. We want to inspire confidence in our patients and earn their trust. We are up front about every aspect of the breast augmentation procedure and we do our best to educate patients about all of their options. Ultimately, we guide each patient toward a customized treatment plan that is the best match for their needs and, ultimately, the look they want to achieve.” 

About JEV Plastic Surgery

Dr. Carrie A. Houssock is the current owner and medical director of JEV Plastic Surgery in Owings Mills, MD. She works together with board-certified plastic surgeon James E. Vogel, MD, who established the practice in 1990. Together, Dr. Houssock and Dr. Vogel provide the full spectrum of plastic surgery procedures for the face and body, in addition to non-surgical cosmetic treatments and a wide range of hair restoration options. Their patient-centered approach prioritizes safety and incorporates advanced techniques for optimal results that look natural. Both Dr. Houssock and Dr. Vogel are highly respected researchers and clinicians in their field and are members of several prominent professional organizations. 

For more information, visit drvogelplasticsurgeon.com and facebook.com/jevplasticsurgery. Dr. Houssock and Dr. Vogel are available for interview upon request. 

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