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2019-11-27 19:10:34 - United States, New York, New York - (PR Distribution™)

BEE&YOU, the Natural Bee Product Brand made the shortlist of FOODTECH 500 list

New York, NY – November 27, 2019- BEE & YOU(, is chosen as one of the FOODTECH 500 companies, with their innovative Propolis extraction and process methods. The FOODTECH 500 list with the full ranking will be released on February 4th, 2020

The FoodTech 500 shortlist showcases companies (early-stage startup to scaleup) that are building and scaling AgriFoodTech businesses, addressing the rapid need for change across the food ecosystem.

The companies that made this year’s FoodTech 500 list represent every sector of the AgriFoodTech industry, from Next-generation Food & Drink to AgTech and consumer apps. Each single company that made the list have an entrepreneurial success story as well as social impact angle.

BEE &YOU’sFDA registered products are expanding rapidly both in the US and globally totaling 13 countries. The high quality, 100 % pure bee products are food and supplements made with royal jelly, bee pollen, raw honey and propolis.

“We are excited to hear that we made it to the shortlist of this prestigious list. As it is inspired by Fortune 500, the FOODTECH 500 is the only list of the most inspirational shortlisted businesses in the world of AgriFoodTech. As a food scientist, I dedicated my career to combining science and nature for safer and more effective natural bee products. This allowed me to contract beekeepers to prevent bees from becoming extinct and it also encouraged us to create and patent the purest and most natural Propolis. We think our products align the best with FoodTech 500 mission in preserving and protecting the ecosystem, while providing the consumers healthiest, safe products for natural health and wellness.” stated Ms. Asli Tanugur Samanci, the Founder of the Company.



BEE & YOU’s dedicated team of food scientists, researchers, and beekeepers are deeply devoted to their mission of marrying science with nature to create nourishing and delicious products buzzing with health benefits. Using proprietary technology, they extract all biologically active compounds from propolis, raw honey and royal jelly in the purest form, providing consumers with raw, unfiltered and unadulterated products. Because the products are so “clean,” the body is able to process them easier and consumers can benefit more effectively from the healthy components. 

Propolis can be used to support;

  • Cold and Flu prevention
  • Immune Defense 
  • Antioxidant Protection
  • Digestive health & healing                 
  • Healthy Aging


About BEE&YOU:

BEE & YOU products are on sale at 3000 CVS online and physical stores nationally and at Company’s website along with Amazon.

Founded in 2013, BEE & YOU was honored with 30 awards in the last 6 years with its innovative, natural and healthy line of bee products. 

The biggest advocate of beekeepers, BEE&YOU implements a unique “Contract Based Beekeeping Model” to protect the bees and bee keepers’ rights and safety. This business model allows the production agreements signed directly by the beekeepers without the middlemen or distributors. 

In addition to 3500 retail outlets in the United States, BEE &YOU is also sold globally in South Korea, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, Qatar, Dubai and Cyprus.

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“BEE&YOU Naturally Protects You and Your Loved Ones!”

About FoodTech 500:

FoodTech 500 is created by Forward Fooding, and it is inspired by the Fortune 500.Forward Fooding is a global collaborative platform for the food and beverage industry. They run a network of entrepreneurs powered by entrepreneurs that connects corporate executives with the right innovators in order to enable collaborations that deliver real business outcomes for both parties. The FoodTech 500, 2019’s definitive list of the most inspirational shortlisted businesses in the world of AgriFoodTech. Their mission is to showcase the global startup talent at the intersection between food, technology and sustainability. They set out to discover businesses that have the potential to transform the food industry as it becomestomorrow's household names.

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