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2020-09-16 18:16:28 - Germany, Munich, Grafing bei Munchen - (PR Distribution™)

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is a significant player in the alternative solar energy market. In recent years, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd has commissioned more than 80 MW solar power plants in the markets of Europe and Asia. We provide a full range of services - helping the client in choosing a land plot, the roof of a business or industrial building, assistance in negotiating, concluding contracts, designing a power plant, turnkey construction, commissioning a power plant and collecting all necessary permits.

We want to pay attention to the power plant safety aspect and the protection of investments of the facility owner accordingly. Unfortunately, thefts of solar panels and other equipment of solar power plants are large enough all over the world. It is enough to type the query in a search engine: "theft of solar panels" and we find out that all over the world hundreds of owners of solar power plants have suffered from this and often the number of losses reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. At the same time, among the victims are small farms in which equipment for several hundred kW is installed, and large solar power plants for tens of MW.

Today, the equipment of a large solar power plant with a capacity of 3-5 MW costs millions of dollars.  To protect the property around the solar power plants, you need to erect fences, equip panels with GPS sensors, install additional fasteners that make it difficult to remove the solar panels and hire the guards. A GPS sensor costs approximately USD 100, a 1 MW power plant consists of around 3500 solar panels and equipping each panel with a sensor will cost more than building the plant itself. Additional mechanical protection will delay the attacker for some time but still will not save him from theft. A guard consisting of living people gives a lot of security. At the same time, we all understand perfectly well that a living person cannot work without a break 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The standard shift of a security guard is 8 hours a day, and one person cannot control a sufficiently large area of ??the solar power plant. Respectively, at least 3 shifts of 3 people each are needed. Do not forget that each of the security personnel can get sick; he needs a vacation, days off, etc. Accordingly, only the security staff should be at least 12 people.

In the latest projects, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd applied modern security systems. We installed intelligent surveillance cameras and a security system consisting of active infrared barriers every 30-50 meters. This system provides for automatic detection of the unauthorized crossing of the protected area of ??the power plant. At the same time, we take into account that solar power plants are being built away from settlements where the crossing of the barrier is possible by animals and birds. When choosing and adjusting the IR barrier, the sensors and cameras that are used should not react to birds and small animals. When large animals or intruders cross the border, the image is captured and transmitted to the guard post for further response.

Delivery, installation and configuration of the necessary security equipment, including the required training of the Customer's personnel, takes about 30 calendar days. In 1 month after signing the contract with Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd, the owner of the solar power plant will receive a full-fledged security system equipped with the latest technology. Besides, the employees of Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd have also developed mechanical safety means. They are relatively inexpensive, but the use of which will allow the owner of the solar power plant not to worry about the safety of his property and calmly operate the energy facility and receive the planned profit.

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