BIRKA Explains Their Secret To Learning The DNA Of A Global Luxury Brand

04/18/2018 16:00 - MIAMI FL

In the world of luxury brands, whom you hire is directly indicative of how you choose your name to be represented. With unlimited budgets at the ready to move your global brand forward into new markets and ensure the right direction and expansion it becomes increasingly more challenging to find the right design firm among a sea of potential candidates around the world. Fortunately, there is one name that has a steady commitment to getting the finest of details right and has become a long-kept secret only recommended in the highest of circles, enter BIRKA.

BIRKA’s reputation has been whispered to a level no one else has been able to boast about until now. Their dedication to creating perfection for their clients has garnered them the trust to design, build out and help expand luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, Prada, Gucci, Cartier, Valentino, Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Este Lauder, Joe Malone, MAC, and Givenchy, into new markets. Their strategic locations in South America and North America has enabled them to be very hands-on to every build out they have done in this hemisphere and still keep their boutique approach and keen attention to detail.

What sets them apart and has kept the attention of the world biggest luxury brands is that they dive headfirst into understanding what is the essence and DNA of a brand. They delve to new depths where they are able to translate into their designs without compromising quality and incorporating only the best materials sourced from all over the world.

 ‘For the project, we created for Dolce & Gabbana In Brazil, we worked very closely with the D&G team who shared beautiful stories about themselves, they showed us their home and we discovered that their designs are the representation of Italian family life. It was full of the things that reminded them of the happiness in their lives and put smiles on their faces. Their inspirations come from their life, colors, textures, sensory experiences and for BIRKA it is important for us to understand their spirit and inspirations becuase this enables us to design and build as they also become our own inspirations.” Says Claudio Kaczka Managing Director of BIRKA.

When these inspirations resonate it leads to the design of practical use. There is a whole investigation process of what is needed for day to day use. They take into consideration positioning of interior lights and their temperature changes throughout the day, researching the basic needs of the business, the positioning of certain materials to enhance the experience of anyone entering the room, defining acoustical advantages of the room and then they sit down to draw out their designs and create their renderings. The process is aided by producing renderings that are also subjected to deconstruction for further inspiration in order to be translated into technical drawings. There is a prototype phase that also leads to the creation of physical examples, so clients can see, touch, and feel how materials can be incorporated into the design.

They've had to recreate textures and materials to give the feeling that it is “ages old”, including recreating metals that have been oxidized and re-buffed to give the desired color and texture. This was just one part of the materials used in the actual construction of their new location in Brazil. The recreations of marble columns had to be specially treated but, made from some of the finest quality of marble to last the test of time. They also used glass with a low metal content for clarity to be able to replicate the hue of original refracted sunlight. These are just a glimpse into the detail that BIRKA uses for their luxury brands and has led to their unparalleled success. They believe that it is imperative to develop a personal connection with their clients, so they can understand what luxury clients are looking to accomplish with their brand for the generations to come.

“Now that we have established ourselves with the luxury design houses and their luxury brands, we are looking to expand our horizons and share, our knowledge with new brands coming to market. BIRKA’s experience in the design and construction of retail spaces, specifically for the luxury world, is an invaluable tool for start-up’s and well-established brands to take advantage of. We invite new fashion designers looking to open their first retail locations, restauranteurs wanting a new image or other existing brands wanting to improve their visibility and expand into new markets, too contact us for a consultation and discuss the secret to designing and building their perfect retail location.” Says Claudio Kaczka Managing Director of BIRKA.

For more information go to www.birkaonline.com or follow them on Facebook, and Instagram.

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