Bishop Roan Faulkner: A Humanitarian That Plans To Lead Charity Reformations

2019-09-16 12:06:11 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

Bishop Roan Faulkner: Pushing for a Noble Drive for Charity

Roan S. Faulkner, a Pentecostal bishop, has been attending the New Life Pentecostal Ministries, an establishment functioning since 1993  in Catonsville. Roan has been active for over 44 years taking care of the local church. His schedule includes guiding, supervising, and sanctifying the faithful of his pontificate. He administers these duties and passes on the charges to the deacons and priests working under him. He has the authority to confirm and ordain members of the priesthood, and to manage the ministry within his diocese.

Bishop Roan Faulkner married Pastor Esther K. Faulkner on October 1980. His wife herself is a progressive, energetic, minister, educator, and fellowship administrator. Together they are the proud parents of three children and two grandchildren. Roan has a compassionate bond with his family and his community. He took consecration as a bishop in 1996, and since then he has been an active contributor at community events. His primary focus has been on the charity drives and donation gathering to collect funds for the underprivileged.

Bishop Roan Faulkner supports many charities to help the underprivileged people of his community to have the same opportunities as everyone else. He supports the charities that are working to assist schools, supporting the clergy work, and contributing to building shelters for the homeless.

The bishop has won the accolades and appreciation of the community for years of service. Roan Faulkner regularly holds events, and support charity drive to urge the community to raise funds. He preaches to the people to raise funds to provide care, honor, fairness, harmony, and dignity for every person in the area. He has held sermons and arranged seminars to educate, encourage, and influence people to start giving to noble causes and build a stronger bond with everyone. There have been calls to bring better charity reforms in the community, and the bishop is one of the leading influencers who is pushing the drive. He believes in quality of life to all and to have reforms that will provide, home, shelter, food, and education to everyone. His philosophy is to foster a fair environment where everyone has the right to lead a quality life. 

He advises people to follow the trail of spirituality and to explore a deeper relationship with God. He guides the people of his town to try for a life that connects to that of Christ. He teaches people to bring the pedagogy of Jesus in their everyday lives. He has been loyally attending the district church for several years. He is actively involved in advancing the word of God and supporting people who are less privileged by working charity drives. 

Bishop Roan Faulkner holds active alliances with many charitable organizations in the community and encourages others to help these institutions through their acts of giving donations. He invites the members at church gathering to come forward with charitable gift planning events and community drives to collect donations for welfare. 

For nearly twenty years, Bishop Roan S. Faulkner has been the overseer of Faith Christian Center Church International and a revered member of Catonsville, Maryland. During his sojourn in the ministry, he has served at the highest administrative levels. Roan Faulkner is always grateful for the appreciation of his district and the overflowing blessing the bishop has in his life. He is aware of the genuine Christian teachings he got in his lifetime and advises parents to support the same education for their children. He teaches the community to display kindness, engage in philanthropy drives, and build events that can gather money to help the less fortunate in the area.

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