BizInsure Introduces New Professional Liability Insurance for Architects

2020-03-20 11:52:13 - - (PR Distribution™)

Oakland, Calif - The number of licensed architects continues to increase in the US according to the annual Survey of Architectural Registration Boards. Reports show that there has been a 2% increase of licensed architects from 2017 rising to 115,316 representing a 13% increase in comparison to the number of US architects over the past ten years ago. As more licensed architects enter the industry, there becomes an increased need for an insurance product to provide the appropriate level of coverage and protection for professional architects, something which BizInsure is leading the way with. BizInsure’s latest insurance solution is designed to make insurance comprehensive and easy for architects, offering a product tailored to the needs of the industry. To save time, it can be purchased 100% online, without the need to fill in any paperwork. The Architects Professional Liability insurance is there to deliver peace of mind against lawsuits filed by current or previous clients who may suffer a financial loss or personal injury caused directly by your professional advice or the aid of a service provider. Purchasing through BizInsure’s online platform is a straight-forward process that provides coverage in minutes. Architects can purchase their Professional Liability policy from the comfort of their office or home, using a seamless system backed by exceptional customer service. BizInsure’s VP of Technology and Operations, Pavel Yurkov states “Our easy to navigate platform is seamless and easy to use, that allows busy Engineers and Architects to find the best insurance provider and coverage to suit their individual needs,” Mr Yurkov also comments on the efficiency of the platform requiring “No more multi-page applications with dozens of questions. In minutes an architect or engineer can get covered online. Our team is available to answer any questions and to ensure all professionals receive the coverage they need.” To learn more about Professional Liability Insurance for Architects, visit our website at About BizInsure: BizInsure is a leading edge insuretech provider based in California. Starting in Australia back in 2008 as BizCover, the brand expanded its wings to the shores of USA in 2012 launching as BizInsure. Bringing new game changer experience to the online insurance platform for small businesses, BizInsure is fiercely committed to delivering competitive, transparent pricing and hassle free insurance services.

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