Brand Fix Your NIke® Apparel

2019-11-11 13:14:42 - United States, Missouri, Columbia - (PR Distribution™)

BRAND-FIX today announced the opening of 


The company sells patches to be used to hide the logos of apparel that an owner no longer feels great about wearing.

For instance, to many people, the Nike® brand no longer portrays a “Just do It®” feeling. To some it may now portray a different image; Images such as of Colin Kaepernick during the playing of our country’s National Anthem, or thousands of shoes being thrown away because they displayed the Betsy Ross flag, or other current views related to Nike®.

Now, it’s time to Brand-Fix items with undesirable branding so that you can keep wearing them with a brand that reflects your true feelings. Join the Brand-fix crew today. 


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