BREAKING NEWS-Henrietta Lacks, LLC and .Com Just Released their New Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund GoFundMe Page-Please Support Us!

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  BALTIMORE, MD - 03/09/2019 (

Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund 

We need help to solve the medical murder of Henrietta Lacks, and get long awaited Justice for the victim Henrietta Lacks, her deceased husband David Lacks who said before he died, “ I believe the doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD killed my wife.” That fact or statement is true. Now help us prove it! Henrietta Lacks was murdered by doctors at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD almost 68 years ago, known now as “The White Coat Killers.”

The Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund is to be used to bring JUSTICE to Henrietta Lacks first, and her family as a GOD sent Angel and medical miracle but murder victim used as a lab rat shot up with radium planted and sewed inside of Henrietta, that cooked her insides like being in the electric chair by doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital known as “The White Coat Killers.” 

If you are interested in our cause and wish to give a donation of any amount, CLICK HERE to proceed to the GoFundMe page link for the Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund. Henrietta shall issue an official Press Release launching the Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund GoFundMe page sometime after this PR. Henrietta Lacks LLC and .com ask that you share this link and campaign with family, friends and business  
on this link to go to the Henrietta new web site. This site is still under some construction and work is being added, daily.  

Media Contacts:

person_outline  Full Name:DrKeenan K Cofield
phone  Phone Number:443-554-3715
business_center  Company:Henrietta Lacks. LLC
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