Bring My Song to Life’s Professional Musicians, Producers Create the Finest Personalized Music for Your Celebratory Event

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A good song needs to have exceptional chords, melodies and lyrics. A great song needs to also create a reaction or evoke a specific emotion. Perhaps that’s why a customized song is the perfect gift to celebrate memorable occasions and people who are special in our lives.


There’s just one stumbling block. Many of us have no experience, knowledge or talent in songwriting or music. Bring My Song to Life and its team of talented professional musicians can solve that problem.


Starting with a few stories and anecdotes each client provides, Bring My Song to Life can create a song in multiple genres of music that embeds itself not only in the mind, but in the heart. Isn’t that what we all hope to achieve with any gift we give?


A Bring My Song to Life songwriter works closely with each client to create memorable lyrics appropriate for the occasion. At that point, a producer/composer directs the song to completion. Bring My Song to Life is fortunate to have three of the industry’s best in this vital role.


• Michelle Foster is a two-time winner of the American Idol Experience. She is a singer, pianist and composer from New Jersey. She’s studied jazz piano at The Juilliard School and voice at the Liz Caplan Vocal Studio in New York. Foster has opened for Robert Randolph and the Family Band, and she’s worked with high-profile musicians, including those of Gloria Gaynor and John Legend. Her range of talents include project manager, piano, musician, lead vocals, keyboard, composer and background vocals.


• Dusty Hughes started learning instruments at age 8, and he started playing in professional working bands at age 13. He’s written more than 500 songs, and he has played on over 500 different albums. Individually, he has released six solo CDs. He’s led almost a dozen different bands that have received airplay internationally, as well as in the US. He’s won numerous awards locally, nationally and internationally, for everything from songwriting to mixing. His diverse talents include project manager, musician, mixing, mastering, lead vocals, electric rhythm guitar, electric lead guitar, drums, composer, bass guitar, background vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar and acoustic lead guitar.


• Chris Burke attended the University of Rochester from 1997-1999, while taking tuba, piano and music theory at the Eastman School of Music. He graduated from the Ontario Institute for Audio Recording Technology in 2003, with an honors degree in recording technology. He has worked as a freelance musician for more than 15 years, playing in original rock bands, regional musical theater pit orchestras, and blues and jazz bands. His talents include synthesizer, project manager, piano, organ, musician, mixing, mastering, lead vocals, keyboard, harmonica, electric rhythm guitar, electric lead guitar, composer, bass guitar, background vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar, acoustic lead guitar and accordion.


Good music producers understand every aspect of studio production. They also have a very good ear and a well-rounded knowledge of how voices and instruments produce recordable sound.  


“A music producer’s role is very similar to a director’s role in a film,” says Mylène Besançon, CEO of Bring My Song to Life. “It is the music producer's job to make sure that, in the end, the finished product is as good as it can be. Dusty, Michelle and Chris are not only talented, but they also strive to exceed each client’s expectations. That’s always our goal at Bring My Song to Life.”


If you would like Bring My Song to Life’s team of professional musicians, songwriters and producers to create a song for your special occasion or loved one, visit  



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