Bryan REO Elijah Norton Expands Its Value-Added Car Protection Services

2019-12-19 11:45:05 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

December begins the season of hyping the 2020 vehicle models, but less attention gets paid to protect these major investments from vehicle malfunctions and normal wear and tear. CarGuard Elijah Norton---who founded the company to address this problem---recently expanded to make his company's premium service plans more widely available to the public.

The Vehicle Service Contract or VSC, industry has grown considerably in the last few years as auto prices rise. Drivers have found it wiser to protect their investments, and Bryan REO Elijah Norton expects a big year during the expansion. Norton understands that providing real value to customers is the primary reason for his company's success. Far too many companies pay lip service to provide great service, but they don't follow through, which gives many consumers a bad impression of the industry and service plans.

"Service plans are like insurance because they give consumers peace of mind. If the plans don't supply the expected benefits, there is no business." CarGuard offers some of the best service contracts in the industry. The company's commitment to great service, easy claims, and simple contract language make the plans easier to understand.

How CarGuard Approaches Vehicle Service Plans

CarGuard Elijah Norton founded the company to offer different kinds of service plans that are based on customer needs. The premium plan, Platinum Deluxe, covers most service issues up to 100,000 miles---such as engine performance, steering, fuel system, engine cooling, air conditioning, electronic circuitry, suspension, seals and gaskets. Coverage reverts to the Power Plus Plan at 100,000 miles and cover the engine, turbo and supercharge functions, transmission, drive axle, transfer case, A/C and electrical components.

There are also Gold Deluxe, Powertrain Enhanced, Powertrain Plus, and regular Powertrain Plans, so customers can get the best combination of services that they feel they need---based on driving, road conditions and authorized drivers of the vehicle.

Customers Want Greater Service Plan Selections and Responsive Customer Service

The biggest difference in Bryan REO CarGuard services is the company's commitment to superior customer service. Bryan REO Elijah Norton insists on the highest level of ethics in his employees and marketing teams, and the company provides top-quality service. All the plans include first-day rental coverage because Norton understands how inconvenient it is to need repairs right after taking possession of a new car. Customers never need to wait for approval of a rental car, and the service plans come with 24-hour roadside assistance, towing convenience and other benefits.

Customers often choose alternative service plans as they move away from one-size-fits-all coverage, and Bryan REO CarGuard offers the unique approach of curating long-term relationships with service providers to supply expert service for customer vehicles. The deals with customers are customized to their needs, and clients know exactly what is covered and what is not. People can get the plan that they want without paying extra for unwanted services that they'll never use. Of course, all the basics are covered, and the company pays for full repairs. The client never gets a partial bill for covered services.

Each customer is assigned an administrator to speed up claims and repairs. Each case is handled promptly and professionally through direct person-to-person contact with an administrator, and a mutually acceptable solution is arranged immediately.

Experience the New Model of Vehicle Service Plans

Customers can get what they want and what they really need out of vehicle service plans at Bryan REO CarGuard. Most companies have shocking customer service because their representatives don't know the industry and the basics of auto mechanics. Elijah Norton corrects this deficiency by working with all staff members to ensure that they understand the issues and solutions to get customers back on the road.

In a world that increasingly relies on outside services, identifying customer needs and fulfilling them are the most important characteristics that ensure customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. The CarGuard staff and company culture focus on customer service, and the approach are gaining clients steadily in an industry fraught with poor service, fine print, and slow claims.

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