BryteBridge to help Nonprofits with Professional Grant Management Services

2021-07-24 17:18:23 - Orlando, Florida, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Nonprofit Professionals Unveil Outsourced Grant Services to Help Nonprofits Execute Grant Strategies.

BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions (BryteBridge), a nonprofit start-up and development company, announces new outsourced grant management services that are often cost-prohibitive for nonprofits to implement in-house effectively. Through BryteBridge’s grant management services, nonprofits will select a plan that aligns with their needs and budget. Nonprofits will gain access to an experienced team of grant and development professionals specializing in grant research, grant writing, and grant management, providing more resources than most internal teams traditionally have available. 

In our recent Nonprofit study, 25% of nonprofits surveyed cited grant writing assistance as the number one challenge facing their organization. In our experience, most nonprofits that have grant professionals on staff are often stretched thin and wearing too many hats. Usually, this results in sub-optimal experience and poor funding results. “By hiring BryteBridge, nonprofits can reallocate and focus their staff knowing they have a team 100% dedicated to their grant strategy while also potentially saving them money,” said Brian Davis, President of BryteBridge. 

The program is designed for established nonprofits committed to a long-term investment of an ongoing grant submission strategy. Services are intended to potentially save nonprofits money while gaining a valuable resource and partner for their organization. Under the program, Nonprofits will select 3, 6, and 12-month engagement options to ensure sufficient time to seek evolving grant opportunities. 

“While we have offered grant support for many years, the new program is in response to a trend from our clients requesting ongoing grant research and consulting through an integrated approach. We will stand beside our nonprofit partners as an extension of their team each step of the way in the grant submission process,” says Andrea Ortega, Director of Nonprofits Services at BryteBridge. 

The new program will roll out in stages as we work to ensure prospective clients follow their state solicitation rules and BryteBridge registers as needed within the states to serve as a grant consultant.

Since 2004, BryteBridge has supported emerging nonprofits across the United States. The goal of the new services is to enable continued growth for nonprofits as they seek to impact their community through the services they provide.

Key features of the grant management services include: 

  • Dedicated nonprofit development coordinator.
  • Dedicated grant writer.
  • Ongoing grant research and application submission to appropriate foundations.
  • Access to major grant databases.
  • Identify foundation priorities.
  • Regular touchpoints, accountability, and reporting.
  • Grant Management Technology to monitor the status of grant submissions.

About BryteBridge Consulting LLC (BryteBridge)

 Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Winter Park, FL, BryteBridge is a nonprofit start-up and development company that offers consulting services to help nonprofit organizations start, grow, and maintain compliance. Expanding from nonprofit registration services in 2004, BryteBridge’s current consultative approach pairs each client with a dedicated team consisting of  nonprofit consultants and specialist to ensure nonprofits are positioned to impact their local communities and the causes they passionately believe in. BryteBridge operates the brands BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, BryteBridge Insurance Solutions, and CharityNet USA; all brands positioned to support nonprofit organizations. For more information on BryteBridge, please visit

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