BryteBridge to Help Nonprofits with Trademark Services

2021-08-18 15:27:22 - Orlando, FL, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Nonprofit Consulting and Service Provider to assist Nonprofits Meet Trademark Needs

BryteBridge, a start-up and development company for nonprofits, announces new Trademark services to assist their clients in securing Trademarks to protect their name, logos, and overall brand. Through BryteBridge’s Trademark services, nonprofits will have the opportunity to protect their brand from being infringed upon. 

Trademarks are an organization's brand identifier. They tell consumers who produced the product or who is providing the services. “It’s important that Nonprofits and Small Businesses have the option to protect the brands they have worked so hard to establish,” said Brian Davis, President of BryteBridge.

While every nonprofit does not need to consider a trademark, we believe some common reasons for nonprofits to consider a trademark include doing business beyond their state of incorporation, operating within multiple states, or if an organization plans to expand into additional states in the future, as it can take up to 12 months to register a trademark.

Registering a trademark provides extra protection for nonprofits, added benefits, and enforceable rights. Some of the potential benefits of registering a trademark include:

  • Protection. The trademark may be enforced in all 50 states, even if the trademark is in only a few states.
  • Awareness. Notice to the public of trademark rights. Registering a trademark makes the public aware that you are claiming -trademark rights.
  • Expansion. Expanding beyond the local region will likely be easier to facilitate.
  • Exclusive rights. From the registration date, the business may have exclusive rights to the trademark even in geographic locations where it does not do business.
  • Dispute resolution. There is proof of ownership and rights with a registered trademark—evidence with which to resolve disputes. You may be able to resolve trademark disputes easier when you have a federal trademark registration certificate.
  • Access to federal courts. In the event of trademark infringement, a business may have access to the federal court system to potentially stop an infringement.
  • Damages, legal costs, and fees. When a trademark is registered, the owner could be awarded damages that resulted from the infringement, any profits the infringer made because of using the registered trademark, and legal fees and costs.

Trademark services are currently available to BryteBridge clients. For Nonprofits interested in Trademarking their brand, they are encouraged to contact BryteBridge at 877-857-9002 or

Since 2004, BryteBridge has supported nonprofits across the United States. The goal of the new Trademark Services is to help nonprofits protect the brand they have worked hard to establish. Trademark services are also available to interested small businesses. 


About BryteBridge Consulting LLC (BryteBridge): Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Winter Park, FL, BryteBridge is a start-up and development company that offers nonprofits and small business consulting services to help start, grow, and maintain their organizations. Expanding from formation services in 2004, BryteBridge’s current consultative approach pairs clients with a dedicated team consisting of consultants and specialists. BryteBridge operates the brands BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, BryteBridge Insurance Solutions, and CharityNet USA. For more information on BryteBridge, please visit

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