BryteBridge to Offer new website for Nonprofits

2021-06-07 13:52:23 - Orlando, FL - (PR Distribution™)

"Nonprofit Start-up and Development Experts Launch New Site to Prepare and Support Small Nonprofits."

BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions (BryteBridge), a nonprofit start-up and development company, announces the new to help current and prospective nonprofits navigate compliance requirements, access tools and resources, and gauge start-up and grant readiness levels.   

The new site offers helpful information and education on starting and growing a nonprofit organization. Specifically, BryteBridge aims to help smaller nonprofits impact their local communities by ensuring they have the tools and resources to start, grow and maintain compliance standards.   

“Since 2004, we have supported smaller emerging nonprofits across the United States. We hope the new will serve as a guide to anyone interested in effectively starting and growing their nonprofit organization. We encourage nonprofits to visit our website to learn more and explore the various tools and resources intended to help Nonprofit’s start-up, grow and maintain compliance at the state and federal levels, said Brian Davis, President of BryteBridge.”  

Key new features of the site include: 

  • State-by State start-up and maintenance requirements
  • Nonprofit Readiness Evaluator
  • Grant Readiness Assessment
  • Nonprofit Start-Up Guides and White Papers
  • 990 Tax Form Selection Tool
  • Resource Center & Education Blogs

This release is the first of many updates scheduled as we will continue to build out tools, resources, and education to help the emerging nonprofit community, says Davis.  

About BryteBridge Consulting LLC (BryteBridge): 

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Winter Park, FL, BryteBridge is a nonprofit start-up and development company that offers nonprofit consulting services to help nonprofit organizations get started, grow, and maintain compliance. Expanding from nonprofit registration services in 2004, BryteBridge’s current consultative approach pairs each client with a dedicated team consisting of  nonprofit consultants and a nonprofit specialist. From incorporation, charity registration, tax exemption, strategic planning, grant writing, 990 tax filing, bookkeeping, web design, marketing, and everything in between. BryteBridge works to ensure nonprofits are positioned to impact their local communities and the causes they passionately believe in. BryteBridge operates the brands BryteBridge Nonprofit Solutions, BryteBridge Insurance Solutions, and CharityNet USA; all brands positioned to support nonprofit organizations. For more information on BryteBridge, please visit

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